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Top Private and Exotic Locations You Can Visit

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Queues and crowds like those found at the beach hardly make for a relaxing and exotic holiday. Many people prefer to enjoy private holidays with their significant other. When one has the money to spend on their loved ones, they can afford a private and exotic vacation away from the hassles of the crowded world. There are many marvelous spots in the world that offer private vacation to those who crave seclusion and comfort. However, finding these spots and choosing one for a private and exotic holiday isn’t easy. Fortunately, we have done the hard work for people who wish to enjoy a private vacation in the company of their loved ones. 

For people who are looking for a luxurious and private vacation, we have identified the top private and exotic locations on earth. 

1. Fogo Island
Located off the coast of Newfoundland, the Fogo Island can only be accessed by a ferry. The luxurious Fogo Island Inn is an ideal spot for those who seek an exotic and private location. The hotel features 29 suites which are all modeled on traditional homes found in Newfoundland. Two lavish saunas located at the rooftop provide magnificent views: south-facing sauna offers the view of the Fogo Island while the north-facing sauna offers a marvelous sight of the sea. 

2. Lastovo Island 
Lastovo Island, located in Croatia, is another ideal private and exotic location. It takes about four to five hours to reach the island from a ferry. Technically, 46 small islands make up the Lastovo Island, but the majority of inhabitants live on the main island. Lastovo hasn’t caught up to the main world yet, which makes it perfect for a private holiday. Wi-Fi and phone signals are non-existent. But, people who visit the island won’t need these things as there are a lot of national parks, beaches, orchards and vineyards to keep them occupied. 

3. Tvanipupu Island Resort 
The Solomon Islands, known as the last Paradise on Earth, consists of 990 smaller islands. One of these islands is Tvanipupu. Pristine reefs and clear blue waters add to the beauty of Tvanipupu. Tvanipupu Island Resort perfectly blends seclusion and luxury to offer comfort to those who are lucky enough to afford a private holiday at the resort. All guests including families, honeymooners, couples and corporate groups are welcomed at the Tvanipupu Island Resort. This magical resort captivates all travelers. According to Click Vip Jets, the best thing about the resort is the exquisite food. One can choose from locally grown fresh vegetables, seafood caught from the sea or chickens and enjoy a sumptuous dinner at the edge of the sea. Back in 2012, Prince William and Princess Kate were hosted by this resort which is nothing short of a royal endorsement. 

4. Ultima Thule Lodge 
Considered as one of the most private holiday destinations in the world, Ultima Thule Lodge is located in Alaska. Looming mountains surround the lodge and it is encircled by protected wilderness. Finding the Ultima Thule Lodge is a challenge, but the reward for all the effort is worth it. The Ultima Thula Lodge is only accessible by a small private plan. The six luxury cabins in the lodge all look over the magnificent Chitina River. The rugged mountain scenery and peaceful seclusion is the main attraction of the place which makes one forget about the outside world. There are only a few places on Earth that can come close the Ultima Thula Lodge in luxury and style. 

5. The Brando 
The Brando is named after legendary actor Marlon Brando, the former owner of the resort. This luxury and private resort is located on the small island of Tetiaroa, French Polynesia. The Brando is accessible by a private airplane which must be caught from Tahiti. The ring-shaped island features calm waters and white-sand beaches. Tropical fish and coral formations can be found in the area. In the centre, there’s a lagoon which is perfect for snorkeling. There are only 35 villas at the Brando resort which makes it one of the most private and exotic holiday locations on Earth. 

These are some of the top private and exotic locations in the world. People are who are looking for a luxurious vacation should pick one of these places for their next holiday trip.

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