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Fab Everyday 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Disclosure: I received some of these items as free samples for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  I was not financially compensated for this post.

There are people on my list that I struggle with gift ideas for each year.  I like to find things that are useful (but still fun - something they might not get for themselves), cost-effective, and unique (not the same old sale item that everyone else found on Black Friday or Cyber Monday).  For those of you who go through the same struggles, I have rounded up some unique and cost-effective gift ideas for a variety of your friends and loved ones.  I hope you enjoy the Fab Everyday gift guide!

DeadSoxy.  Socks are one of those things that we all need, but hate wasting our own money on.  Therefore, they make a great gift, especially when the socks are this good.  Not only are they dead soxy (see what I did there?) and uber-soft, but they are also super high-tech, and are guaranteed to not slip or fall all day.  Everyone from millennials and hipsters to professionals and athletes can't seem to get enough of them.

FUNKtional Wearables (affiliate link).  I love fitness trackers, but I also love style.  If you know someone who does too, Funktional Wearables is a great fit!  Whether their style ranges from rock-and-roll edgy to sweet and chic, Funktional Wearables has practical arm candy for anyone and for a number of different fitness trackers.

Wisdom and Wordplay (affiliate link).  In our 140-character status update world, you no-doubt have a friend who shares the best quotes or clever tweets.  This book by Robert Eddison (a national journalist and playwright from the UK, and was just called a “modern day Oscar Wilde” by The London Times) is full of clever one-liners in different themes.  Great inspiration for social media posts or presentation openings!

Creation Crate.  Have a little engineer in your life?  Creation Crate is a subscription box that aims to improve tech literacy with both children and adults.  Beginner-friendly, each project is designed to increase in difficulty each month so that users can be fluent in the language of technology by the end of the 24-month curriculum.  Projects range from building a mood lamp to a memory game focused on programming, to learning how to input a distance reading from an ultrasonic sensor.  What I love about Creation Crate is that it uses raw electronic components, offering users real-world skills. 

Hydro Flask (affiliate link).  We all need to hydrate; someone in your life deserves to do it in style.  Hydro Flask's technology keeps your water icy cold on a hot sunny beach, your coffee hot on the chairlift ride, your hard-earned camping beer frosty cold while you gather wood for the fire.  You get the idea!  I love that you can customize your order with different tops (I'm a straw gal myself).

Beyond Bullets: Creative Journaling Ideas to Customize Your Personal Productivity System (affiliate link).  Have a super-organized friend or loved one?  Do you know anyone who bullet journals?  Organizational maven Megan Rutell is the authority on beginning and maintaining a journaling practice that blends form and function to actually simplify a crazy-busy life.  This book, which is good for new or experienced bullet journalers, offers tips, tricks and sample spreads for journalers of all levels.  This book makes a great gift paired with a pretty notebook or colored pencils.

Crated with Love.  A date night subscription box?  Yes, please!  Get this for the new couple in your life, or for the new parents who need to make some time to reconnect with each other.  The Crated with Love box includes simple activities for building your relationship.  Vive la romance!

Allrecipes 4 Piece Nested Prep Essentials Mixing Bowls, Multicolor (affiliate link).  Take it from someone who knows: every foodie loves kitchen gadgets.  What makes this set so great it is that it is not only practical (they are mixing bowls and measuring cups in one, with easy-to-pour, drip-free spouts), but they also save space by stacking together.  

The Boozy Creamery (affiliate link).  These packets are great for your college-age friend or the busy foodie in your life.  They allow you to create your own gourmet, boozy, home-made ice cream at home, simply, without an ice cream maker!  The Boozy Creamery has five flavors to choose from (or to get together in a sampler pack): Irish Mudslide, Margarita, Mint Mojito, Pina Colada and White Russian.  

Legacy Shave Evolution Brush (affiliate link).  This little gadget turns any can of shaving cream (foam or gel, even travel sizes) into a spa-experience with a soft brush.  This makes everyday shaving a lot more fun, and also keeps your hands clean.  Pair it with your guy's or gal's favorite shaving cream for a gift idea.

I hope these give you some unique ideas for gifts for your loved ones!

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You sure are prepared for the gift side for the upcoming holiday haha. Those socks look really cute and I think I might get them for my daughter since she loves such designs.