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Tips for a Smooth New School Transition (with Poketti Plushies)

Disclosure: I received samples of Poketti for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  I was not financially compensated for this post.
Going into fall and the back-to-school routine is always a bit of a transition.  This year was more challenging than normal for our family, as my youngest was leaving the preschool he attended since he was an infant to start kindergarten, and both my boys are attending a brand new school, leaving some friends, teachers, and familiarity behind.  So far the transition has been successful, and I want to share some of the tips that are getting us through it today. 

One of the tips you'll read about more below involves Poketti, adorable plushies (or "cuddle buddies" as my boys call them) with pockets and "pocket powers."  This company is actually run by young girl entrepreneurs (they started the company when they were in middle school; click here for more on the company's history) who wanted to combine the comfort of a plush toy with function by adding pockets.  Their latest line pairs the cute plushies with "pocket powers" that empower children with traits like confidence, creativity, kindness, and a lot more.  You can shop for Poketti on Amazon here (affiliate link), but I will share more about them along with some tips for a smooth new school transition below. 

Tips for a Smooth New School Transition
  • Focus on the positive.  Get excited about the positive possibilities of the change.  With us having a new school, we could say things like "this school is so new, I bet it is going to have all sorts of state-of-the-art technology," and "won't it be fun to play on a whole new playground?"  Even with older schools, you can focus on things like new friends to meet, awesome new teachers, the lunchroom menu, even the school mascot or colors.  When you think about it, there are probably lots of things, big and small, to feel positive and excited about.
  • Prepare, but don't overwhelm.  Do some research and, if possible, take a tour of the new school as a family before it's go time.  This way it feels a little more familiar before your child is on their own there.  That being said, don't provide too many things for your little one to memorize and study in advance, or it could feel overwhelming to them. 
  • Incorporate some familiarity.  Pack some pictures of family, pets, and favorite things from around the house in your child's backpack so they can look on some happy, familiar things at appropriate times throughout the day. 
  • Reminders and examples that they can get through it.  Surprise, surprise, but this isn't the first time someone has faced transitioning to a new school.  Give your child a few examples (perhaps from your own life, or even from theirs) of times someone has gone through a change like this.  Remember to acknowledge the positive outcome, and remind them that they will get there too. 
  • Symbolically boost confidence.  Have you ever had a good luck charm or a superstition?  Little items and symbolism can help give that extra boost of confidence and emotional comfort.  A special charm or toy (Poketti are perfect for this!), as long as it's appropriate for school, may be just what your child needs. 
  • Let them be and express themselves.  I don't know about you, but I always feel more comfortable and confident when I am being myself.  Consider letting your children choose their outfits and hairstyles when they start at their new school.  These can be forms of self expression that not only make them feel more confident, but can also be conversation starters ("cool shirt; I love Minecraft, too!").
  • Lots of love and attention.  Change can be hard.  It is much easier to get through when you have some steady support and someone to talk to.  Show extra love at this time, and be available and present for conversations. 

Want to see more about how Poketti is aiding our transition?  Read on!

Scout the Chick (affiliate link) 
Pocket Power: Strength
Strength comes in many forms, both physical and mental.  It takes strength to tackle new challenges and to persevere even when you don't know what to expect next on your journey.  A squeeze on Scout the Chick can awaken your strong. 

Sydney the Penguin (affiliate link) 
Pocket Power: Confidence
When jumping into the unknown, confidence helps give you a boost.  Sydney the Penguin is a comforting reminder to keep your head up and have trust in yourself. 

There are plenty more adorable, gender-neutral plushies with different powers available from Poketti.  See the whole line here, and shop Poketti on Amazon (affiliate link).

Do you have any tried-and-true tips for successful transitions for children?  Comment below!

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