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Super Easy Football Party Food Ideas

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With the Super Bowl coming up (or, wait, am I supposed to call it "the big game?"), I wanted to share some super easy football-themed snack ideas.  These are all easy, and can be made at the last minute if you are suddenly inspired to up the game of your game day spread.  And these aren't just for a Super Bowl party... they are all easy enough to create for any game-watching get-together or even a sports-themed birthday party, so you will definitely want to pin these ideas for later!

Speaking of, check out more football party inspiration on my Football Party board on Pinterest, and stay tuned to the blog later this week for a post on easy football party décor.

The thing that's great about a football party is that it's easy to incorporate creativity and DIY.  Pretty much anything brown can become a little football with a little decoration.  You'll see a lot of that in this post, with the first example being the one above: store-bought brownie bites can be little footballs with a little cake decorating icing.  Just pipe on some little laces, and this snack is ready to go.  

Along those same lines, dip strawberries in chocolate candy coating, then pipe some laces on with white cake decorating icing. 

So quick and easy, but looks and tastes fancy!

For football cupcakes, pipe chocolate frosting onto chocolate cupcakes in kind of an oval, football-like shape on top.  Then (you're probably noticing a theme here), pipe some laces on with white cake decorating icing.

I found this idea for game day Reese's peanut butter cups on Pinterest (originally from, and it was super easy to execute.  This is especially good if you have a Reese's lover at the party (my mom is the ultimate Reese's fan, so I made these for her).  All you need are Reese's cups, these foil wrapped chocolate football candies from Amazon, and green cake decorating icing.  I used one of the icing tips that I had on hand, but for even better looking grass, use this grass icing tip.

You can then put the extra football candies into a bowl on their own. 

Chips and dips are de riguer football party food.  But why just dump them into bowls when you can display them in this epic way for only about $15?  I originally saw an idea on Pinterest to make your own snack stadium, but when I found this ready-made football snack stand food display on Amazon for a reasonable price, I decided to save myself the DIY effort and just buy it. 

I also added these goal post centerpieces from Amazon for some additional detail. 

It's not just desserts that can become little footballs... entrees can as well!  Slider buns look like little footballs by piping sour cream laces on the top.  When piping the sour cream, I placed it into a ziplock baggie and snipped off one of the tips. 

I used the same idea for a layered dip.  Seven layers, five layers, it doesn't matter how many layers you want in your dip, as long as you have refried beans or bean dip as your top layer.  Then simply pipe sour cream on top to make laces, like so:

Fab Everyday tip: When assembling a layered dip, I find it easier to spread the sour cream and bean layers by warming them up in the microwave for 30 seconds (for the sour cream) to one minute (for the beans, stirring halfway through that time).  This makes them easier to spread without messing up the layer below. 

You have probably seen football cheese ball ideas online, but I have a hack for you.  The football I made above took me less than five minutes to make from beginning to end.  The big secret is to use a ready-made spreadable cheese ball as the foundation.

What you need: spreadable cheese (this Kaukauna nutty, sharp cheddar blend I found at my HEB grocery store worked perfectly), pepperoni, and one piece of string cheese.  One cheese ball wasn't enough, so I got two to mash and mold together. 

Fab Everyday tip: To mold cheese (this works for any cheese ball, cheese log, or even molded/shaped cream cheese), place them between sheets of plastic wrap.  Not only will this keep your hands clean, but the plastic wrap keeps things from getting sticky and out of shape as a result.

I used my hands to smash the two cheese balls together and mold them into an oval, football shape.

To transfer to a plate, I removed the bottom piece of plastic wrap, then placed onto the plate before removing the top piece of plastic wrap.  Zero mess on the plate or my hands!

Layer pepperoni onto the cheese ball, pressing lightly to make them stick.  I put them on kind of like fish scales, overlapping so that no cheese showed through.

For the laces, I pulled off some string cheese strips to fashion the laces. 

Et, voila!

One cute way to display all of this food is to use a strip of turf as a tablecloth (like this one from Amazon).  Not comfortable to eat on, but adorable for the food buffet.

Again, stay tuned to the blog later this week for football party décor ideas!  If you don't want to miss a post, don't forget to sign-up for the Weekly Fab email newsletter by clicking here.

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