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Easy DIY Pokemon Pumpkins

The boys and I have totally fallen into Pokémon Go addiction.  We are having so much fun with it that G has changed his birthday theme for this year from Minecraft to Pokémon... but more on that later.
Pokémon is actually pretty easy to incorporate into simple DIY projects since Poke Balls are such a prominent theme of the game and show.  Basically, anything round can be a Poke Ball.  Case in point: pumpkins.
We recently made these Pokémon pumpkins in about a day's time (including dry time), so it's not too late for you to take on this fun project with your kiddos before Halloween.  We made a regular Poke Ball and Pikachu, but you can make different kinds of Poke Balls or simple Pokémon.  Here's how to do it!
Easy, DIY Pokémon Pumpkins
What you need:
  • Pumpkins (real or craft pumpkins; the craft pumpkins will last longer, and take less time to make)
  • Spray paint (red, yellow, and white if using real pumpkins)
  • Painter's tape
  • Scratch paper
  • Acrylic paint (black, white, pink, and red; I recommend heavy body acrylic paint)
  • For the Poke Ball: Using painter's tape and scratch paper, tape off the bottom half of one of the pumpkins.
  • Spray paint the top half of the pumpkin red.  I found that this only required 2 quick coats with the craft pumpkin.  Note that with white craft pumpkins, you don't need to spray paint the bottom half white.  If you are using a regular orange pumpkin, you will have to repeat this step and paint the bottom half white after the top dries.

  • For Pikachu: Spray paint the other pumpkin completely yellow.  Two quick coats did the trick with this craft pumpkin.

  • After two coats, let both pumpkins dry completely.

  • For Pikachu: After the yellow paint dries, you can paint details from Pikachu's face on one side of the pumpkin with black, white, pink, and red acrylic paint. 
  • Optional: add some ears cut out of yellow foam, with painted black tips. 

  •  For the Poke Ball: carefully peel the painter's tape and scratch paper off after the spray paint has dried.  It doesn't matter if the line isn't perfectly even, or if the paint bled, since you are going to paint over the center line.
  • Paint a wide black stripe around the center of the pumpkin.  Heavier body paint will allow you to cover any spray paint flaws with a single coat.
  • On one side, paint a large black circle over the black stripe.

  • After the black paint has dried, use a heavy body white acrylic paint to paint a smaller white circle on top of the black circle. 
  • After the acrylic paint has dried, your pumpkins are ready for display.

Happy Halloween!

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