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Fall 2016 Fitness Fashion - Fab Everyday's Top Workout Outfit Picks from Fabletics

If you follow Fab Everyday on Facebook, then you may have seen a preview of this in a Facebook Live video I did last week.  Today I am sharing the details on these outfits, and links for you to get them yourself!

Fitness has been an important part of my life these last few years.  Unfortunately, lately I have not prioritized working out.  I am sure you all can relate - life has been very busy and stressful for a number of reasons, so I let the fitness routine slide.  The irony is that maintaining a health and fitness routine actually helps reduce stress, and because I feel tangibly better when I workout regularly, I am committed to getting back into my routine.  In true Fab Everyday style, I decided that I needed some new workout outfits to help motivate my new routine, so I took advantage of a recent sale at Fabletics and did a little fitness fashion shopping spree.

Fabletics is a sister brand of one of my other favorite brands, JustFab.  I have had great experience with workout clothes from Fabletics over the last few years.  I have found them to be of good quality, flattering, and durable. 

Here is what I found during my most recent haul!

I fell in love with this orange Alder Tank because of the back alone!  No built-in bra, so you will definitely need to layer this with a sports bra.  For this look, I paired it with a brightly-colored, patterned Yogi Capri.  The capri is loose and flowy. 

The Hera Tee (great name!  Who doesn't want to feel like a Greek goddess while they workout?) is fab because of its simplicity.  It is a simple black tank (also available in white) with a built-in detail that looks almost like a knot, which gives it a feminine fit.  I paired it with a black-and-white palm tree patterned Salar Crop.  I LOVE the fit of the crop capris from Fabletics.  They have the right amount of compression that makes them super flattering, while still being movable and breathable.

The next top, the Aviana Top, is perfect for yoga.  Flowy and movable, it can be worn off-the-shoulder or on-the-shoulder.
The personality of this top is in the back, with twists and drapiness.  I wore it with a simple, white sports bra from Forever 21 so I would not take away from the shirt's effect from the back.

I loved the simplicity of the white top, but it is available in several more colors on the Fabletics site.

This Siren Convertible Top could not be any more current! The zig-zag strappy opening can be worn in the front or back.  I like to wear it in the front, and pair it with a bralette sports bra in a pop of color.  I chose the Hudson Seamless Bralette (great for layering, but best for lower-impact workouts, as it doesn't have a ton of support).  It is worn here with an oldie-but-goodie Fabletics Lima Capri (my favorite workout pant).

In case you couldn't tell, I love cutouts and tops that are simple, but with a unique detail.  I also love the combo of orange and gray.  The Cleopatra Tank in orange meets all these needs.  I wore it with an uber comfy pair of dark gray Carlisle Joggers.
But, wait!  Check out the keyhole in the back of the shirt too!  This just demanded a strappy sports bra to show off underneath.  I got this one from Forever 21. 

One more pic, because I love the way the sports bra looks through the back keyhole on this top!

Finally, I got this Aventura Tank racer-back with a great saying: Live Your Passion.  Even more comfy than the shirt, if that's possible, are these fabulous foldover-waist Hamilton Sweatpants.  It comes in multiple colors.  This color is Monarch, but Pop Coral would also look great with this tank.  The pants are comfy, flattering, and cute.  What's not to love?  I may have worn this outfit all day after doing this photo shoot... and no, I did not workout that day...

I think we can all heed the advice of the quote on this shirt!  Let's take charge of our lives and our health.

What do you think of all these looks?  Do you like to wear cute workout clothes too, or do you just like to wear whatever, sweat, and get down to business? 


sarah said...

I've been wondering about fabletics!! They look awesome and look comfy!!

Kitty & B said...

Ooh, lovely. You picked some great pieces! I have checked out Fabletics a few times, but never got round to ordering. Don't know why, I love a cut out as much as you do! ;o)


Adit said...

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