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Walk-In Closet Makeover: From Plain and Uninspired to Glam and Organized

I have had plans to decorate our master bedroom walk-in closet since we moved into our house over four years ago.  Unfortunately it kept slipping down the priority list of décor projects until recently.  Though it is technically a walk-in closet, it is not huge (especially considering how much clothing and shoes I have), and my poor husband’s stuff is confined to a measly fourth of the space.  Since it is on the smaller side, effective organization was going to be key to this closet project. 

Here is the closet before the makeover:


I have a lot of necklaces, and before the makeover I had them hanging from nails (classy, I know, but it did the job for a while).  The lighting left something to be desired, the walls were plain and white, and I had a Rubbermaid bin sitting in there for some additional storage.

Here’s what we did:

First, we painted the walls.  It is good to have a brighter color in your closets so that you can see the color of your clothes and accessories better when choosing outfits.  We decided on Glidden's Pacific Coast Blue.  Since the space was not huge, the painting project didn’t take very long.  We left the built-in shelving white for a nice contrast.

We changed out the builder-grade ceiling lights for Soder pendants from Ikea to add a bit of chic to the closet.  You may recall that I also have a chandelier in my laundry room, so there is not much limit to spaces you can chic-up if you want.  While I liked the Soder lamps, they were a bit childish for my taste as they have clear floral beads.  I removed them prior to hanging for a sleeker look.  When choosing lighting for your closet, it is important to use bright white lights so that you can accurately see the color of your clothes and accessories.

The old closet lights

Soder lamp before...

...Soder lamp after

For organization, first we replaced this Rubbermaid bin with something that still provided storage but was more decorative.  We opted for this gray Threshold Tufted Storage Ottoman from Target.  Much improved from the plastic bin, and it acts as a great bench to sit on while buckling shoes.

Our old storage option

New storage ottoman bench

Next I added Ikea Blecka hooks to hang belts.  I also used a few more hooks along with the handle part of these Ikea Lansa handles to create little rails to hang sunglasses.

My favorite part of the new closet is how I have organized my necklaces.  No more crudely hung nails with 2-5 necklaces tangling each other.   I got some Ikea Fintorp rails and used S hooks to hold each necklace.  I was amazed how many necklaces fit together this way but in a way that allows me to still see each one when I am choosing accessories to wear.  I actually accommodated about 110 necklaces in a very small area!  For me, it is important to be able to see all my necklaces when choosing, otherwise I can forget about some of the options.

We capped this section of the wall off with a decorative mirror (placed at face-height when in heels) from At Home.  This way I can easily see how a necklace may look with my top without leaving the closet. 

Finally, we got some gray and white box sets from Ikea (I chose this and this) to organize misc. things like silk scarves and other loose accessories, and some over-the-door hooks to hang purses on the inside of the closet door. 

We had already changed out all mismatched plastic hangers for matching wooden hangers.  I recommend this if you are trying to go for a sharp look to your closet.  You can find great prices on wooden hanger sets at Ikea in a few different color options.  Since we had to clear the closet to paint it, we also took the opportunity to purge some clothes, shoes, and accessories, and also put everything back in a more organized way.  This, along with the new pleasing look of the closet has made me very happy!  I now can't resist smiling every time I go into the closet. 

Voila, a closet re-organized on a budget using some DIY elbow grease and supplies from Ikea and Target.  If you like this, you should also check out our organized pantry.  I hope this inspires your own closet makeover and organization project!  If so, let me know in the comments, or hit @fabeverydayblog up on social media.

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