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Camping-Themed Party Food Ideas

My sons are a part of an amazing, 105 year-old scouting organization called Camp Fire, and I am their Little Stars club leader.  This is very special for all of us, as my boys are third generation Camp Fire kids, and I am a third generation Camp Fire leader. 
Grayson and I are in our Camp Fire ceremonial attire (mine is from about 20 years ago)
Our clubs just celebrated our year's accomplishments at our annual award ceremony.  I was tasked with coming up with some camping-themed light refreshments for the occasion.  Here they are in case it helps you with camping-themed party snack inspiration.

Chicken taquitos arranged like firewood were "camp fire logs."  Lil' Smokies wrapped in crescent strips were "pigs in a sleeping bag."

Desserts included S'Mores on a Stick and sugar cookies decorated with a star theme (for our Little Stars and Starflight clubs) and Camp Fire's watchword, WoHeLo (which stands for "Work, Health, Love"). See the details and instructions for making the S'Mores on a Stick in this blog post here.  See my long-time favorite sugar cookie recipe from Betty Crocker here.

Close-up of the S'Mores on a Stick.

Close-up of the Pigs in a Sleeping Bag.

Close-up of the Camp Fire Logs.
I hope to do more with this theme for parties in the future! 


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