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Super Easy Super Hero Easter Eggs

Now that the kiddos are (almost) 3 and 5, they are getting much more engaged with holiday traditions and crafts.  This Easter is going to be especially fun, especially with these special super hero Easter eggs!

These are super easy (very much in line with Fab Everyday's theme of finding fabulous things that don't take a ton of time, effort, or dollars).  This is also a great craft to collaborate on with the kiddos because it's so easy. 

The boys love, love, LOVE anything to do with super heroes.  It occurred to me that we could make really simple super hero Easter eggs by drawing on eggs that have been dyed the color of the super hero costumes.  The kids loved the idea, and they loved making and playing with the eggs even more.

We decided to try Spiderman, Ironman (G's favorite), Captain America (S's favorite), Hulk, and a minion (because, why not?).

What you need:
  • Hard boiled eggs (if you need fool-proof instructions on boiling eggs, I like this one on Simply Recipes)
  • Easter egg dye - bright or bold, not pastel (I always like PAAS brand, which I was able to find for $1 at my local HEB)
  • Sharpie markers (I used a black and a silver)

  1. Dye your eggs.  Here is what we did for each character:
    • Spiderman - red on top, blue on bottom
    • Ironman - red on back, yellow on front
    • Captain America - all blue
    • Hulk - green on top, purple on bottom
    • Minion - yellow on top, blue on bottom
  2. Let eggs dry.
  3. Using a permanent marker, draw some very basic characteristics onto the eggs.  Keep it simple... it is not only less stressful this way, but it is also pretty cute.  Here is what we did for each character:
    • Spiderman - Eyes, spider symbol on chest
    • Ironman - Eyes and mouth (from his mask)
    • Captain America - Eyes, mouth, A on forehead, star on chest
    • Hulk - Angry eyes and mouth, nose, hair
    • Minion - Goggles, mouth, hair

Here is how they turned out:

Do you have any fun, simple egg decorating ideas? Comment below, or hit up @fabeverydayblog on social media to let me know!

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