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Easy Children's Despicable Me Minion Craft

It has been all about minions and Despicable Me at our house.  Not only are the boys dressing up as minions for Halloween (see this post about our DIY Despicable Me costumes), but we are also planning Grayson's 5th birthday party with a minion theme. 

As a prep for Grayson's party, we tested out this very simple craft for one of the kid's activities at the party.  It was very easy - certainly a craft that even young children can handle.  Even better is that it uses craft items you most likely have around the house, or can get without spending much.

Toilet Paper Roll Children's Minion Craft

What You Need:
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Yellow construction paper (cut to an approximately 4.5" x 6.25" rectangle)
  • Blue construction paper (cut to an approximately 2" x 6.5" rectangle)
  • Black construction paper (cut into a thin strip approximately 6.5" long)
  • Gru logo printed onto a piece of paper and cut out (approximately 1" diameter; click here for the printable for the one I used)
  • Wiggly eyes (either two smaller eyes, or one larger eye if you want to make a one-eyed minion)
  • Glue
  • Black marker
How to Assemble the Minion (see what I did there?):
  1. Put glue on one side of the yellow constriction paper, and wrap it around the toilet paper tube.  Hold for a minute while the glue adheres the paper to the tube.
  2. Repeat with the piece of blue construction paper, lining it up on one end of the tube.
  3. Glue the black construction paper strip approximately 1/3 of the way down the top of the yellow section.
  4. Glue the eyeball(s) on the black strip to make the minion's goggles.
  5. Glue the Gru logo circle on the blue construction paper.
  6. Using the black marker, customize your minion with hair and a mouth.

Voila! A simple craft that children of all ages can handle.  My boy's love playing with it too!

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