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Easy Lamp Makeover

One of the things I love about DIY is that you can have anything you want.  What I mean by that, is you don't have to be limited by what is for sale or what you can find.  You can create something from scratch, or, better yet, you can repurpose and change existing items to be exactly what you want.

One example is a look I had in mind for our master bedroom.  I wanted a pair of lamps with black, stacked-ball bases and modern, white lampshades.  I couldn't easily and cheaply find the kind of lamp I was envisioning, but I did manage to find something similar enough, that all I would need was a can of black spray paint to create the exact lamp look that I wanted.  I knew from previous projects (such as the one for my laundry room where I repurposed an old, brass chandelier with a can of white spray paint) that a can of spray paint can make a lot of difference, without much work.

I started with a pair of these reasonably-priced lamp bases from Target:

Threshold Acrylic Stacked Ball Lamp Base - Clear Small
Target, $26.99

I added a coat of spray paint primer, and a few coats of glossy black spray paint.

Add a simple, white lampshade (also found at target), and here is the final result:

We now have a pair of these lamps on the side tables that surround our bed.

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