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S'mores Variations

You all know how much we like to camp... and since a camping trip just doesn't feel complete without s'mores, we have had plenty of time to experiment with different s'more recipe variations.  You gotta mix it up to keep it fun!  Here are some of our favorite s'more variations.

One of the easiest ways to vary up the tradition s'more recipe of graham cracker, chocolate, and roasted marshmallow is to just change the type of chocolate.  I am a lover of dark chocolate (like, the darker the better), so this variation is a mainstay for our camping trips.  I have also recently tried it using a dark chocolate with sea salt bar, which was also awesome.  Another option, which I have heard about but have never tried, is using white chocolate, but switching the graham cracker to a chocolate graham.

Our FAVORITE variation is using a Reese's cup instead of the regular piece of chocolate.  Oh man, this is too good.  The consistency and size of the Reese's works perfectly for a s'more.  Sometimes, for some added fun, we will slow roast the whole s'more over the fire for a bit after assembling it, by sandwiching it between the skewers on your roasting stick.  It makes the Reese's all melty.

Another good option is using a caramel-filled chocolate square instead of the regular chocolate.  This is very rich and decadent.  I use Ghirardelli squares, as they are a good size.

On those same lines, if you are a fan of mint chocolate (like my husband), then you will also enjoy the variation of using a mint-filled chocolate square on your s'more.  Also very rich and decadent tasting, but a real treat if you are looking for ways to mix it up. 

Photo Source: Eclectic Recipes

I have also tried using leftover Easter Peeps on s'mores instead of marshmallows.  Great for those spring camping trips.  The kids love the colorful results, and they taste just like regular s'mores, just more sugary.  The sugar on the peeps caramelizes nicely when roasted.


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