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Hanging Potted Herb Garden

Moving into our first home opened up all sorts of indoor and outdoor decorating possibilities!  We got working on the interior spaces right away (I will highlight some of our DIY home décor makeovers in future blog posts), but for a while, we were at a loss on what to do with our big, beautiful, blank slate of a backyard.  I did know that I wanted an herb garden, but since we didn't have the master plan for our yard yet, I had to find a solution that was not permanently in the ground.  I came across this great idea for a trellis hanging herb garden from Making Lemonade on their blog post here.  Here's how it turned out for us:

Supplies and Tips:
  • Trellis: Home Depot, painted with the leftover exterior paint from our home trim.
  • Pots: Ikea Socker Plant Pot with Holder, a steal at $7.99! I punched some holes in the bottom for drainage with a hammer and nail, then (a trick my dad taught me) inserted a small square of window screen to prevent too much soil falling out the bottom holes.
  • Label tags: Ikea. They do sell them in black, but if they only have the blue or pink left, you can always spray paint them like I did.  I used a metallic silver Sharpie to write the names of the herbs.
Easy, and looks awesome in the yard!


avidgardner said...

i am trying to find the pots and hangers in silver at IKEA. I can find pots, but they are either white, pink, or purple. The silver pots do not have hangers. where did you find silver pots with hangers?

ramonaruby said...

@avidgardner - the silver ones are no longer available (I did this project a few years ago). I think I am going to switch to the white ones.

AD said...

I don't see the hangers anymore on the website... Are they available in store?