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Friday Faves: CHI Hair Straightener

As someone with naturally curly hair, I am all too familiar with the routine of blowing-out and/or flat-ironing my hair in order to stay in vogue with straight hair styles. If I had my way (and more expendable income), I would get a salon blow-out weekly, as hair always looks best fresh from a salon, and at one time when I did treat myself to weekly blow-outs, my hair was healther than ever (hair dryer heat once a week was not as damaging as daily flat ironing for example).

But alas, it saves a lot of money to DIY, so I am back to the straightener. For years friends have been raving about the CHI, and while I know ceramic irons are superior, I couldn't imagine what would make it so much better than less-expensive ceramic irons, so I didn't get one for a while. Since I have really thick hair, I just dealt with the 1 hour straightening time (not including drying) from my usual ceramic flat irons.

Then, one day my husband surprised me with a CHI that he happened across on sale at a Ross or Marshall's. The savvy guy that he is had somehow heard that the CHI was the best straightener, and the thoughtful guy that he is knew that my current straightener was about to poop out (as they do with time). So I gave the CHI a try...

...and I am forever hooked! This iron is truly superior to other irons. It is so efficient that it shaves 10-15 minutes off of my usual straighten time, and for some reason my hair comes our looking shinier and straighter than other irons. The straighten also holds really well and requires less touch-ups over the next few days, which is better for my hair.

I have been happily using my CHI for several weeks now, and am proud to recommend it as my new favorite hair straightener/flat iron. I finally understand the hype!

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