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Well, life continues to change for us since we embarked on our adventure as husband and wife. The next phase of that adventure is happening right now! I am 8 weeks pregnant and due on December 21st. Looks like my fashion priorities will shift for the next year or so, as I will be trading this:

Manolo Blahnik Cage Boot

For this:

Chloe Leather Ballerinas

And this:

Dior Cannage Medium Shopper

For this:

Petunia Pickle Bottom Mocha Berry Cream Cake Baby Bag

But seriously, this could be fun! I could die:

Juicy Couture Smocked Terry Dress

For little Eva! Or if it’s little Grayson:

Juicy Couture Rightful Ruler Tracksuit

But this is my fave of all! One of my fashion goals in life is to own a Burberry trench. How adorably awesome that they have them for babies too:

Burberry Girl’s Classic Trenchcoat


bri said...

Fabulous breeds fabulous! SO excited for you and that wonderful hubby of yours!


be11agirl said...

Babies!!!! What could be better?? Oh yes, a fashionable baby with an even more fashion savvy mommy! :)

Melissa said...

That baby is gonna be the hottest dressed kid at Gymboree