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Easy, kid-friendly Halloween food ideas

We are feeling the Halloween spirit over here! It seems like every day I see more cute new Halloween treats to make or crafts to try. In today's post I've rounded up several easy, kid-friendly Halloween food ideas that I've personally tried so you can add these tried-and-true spooky snacks to your own Halloween inspiration. You'll want to pin this one to your Halloween board!

Pumpernickel and Pimento Cheese Bats. Pumpernickel bread has such a great, dark color which makes it perfect for Halloween.  These are just pimento cheese spread sandwiches cut into bats with cookie cutters (like these from Amazon - affiliate link).

Spooky Spider Dogs.  A spooky alternative to traditional pigs in a blanket.  Get the recipe and instructions for Spooky Spider Dogs here.

Speaking of dogs, these Mummy Dogs are another classic Halloween-version of pigs in a blanket.

Pumpkins and Ghosts Cheese and Crackers. Using mini Halloween cookie cutters (like these ones from Amazon - affiliate link), yellow and white cheese make easy pumpkin and ghost cheese bites to eat with crackers.

Jack-O-Lantern Layered Dip. A five or seven layer dip can be made more spooky by putting the cheese layer on top and making a jack-o-lantern face with blue corn tortilla chips and sliced black olives.

Bone Dip. I made this easy "bone" dip by molding cream cheese into the shape of a bone and drizzling it with pre-made sweet and spicy chili sauce. See more in my Halloween party post here.

Creepy Crawly Mini Pizzas. These kid-favorite mini cheese and black olive pizzas are made with canned biscuit dough for the crust.

Dipped Strawberry Ghosts. An easy hack on making candy-coated strawberries is to use candy melts. Strawberries dipped into white candy melts become ghosts when black cake decorating icing is used for eyes and a mouth. See more in this Halloween Party blog post.

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies. Whoppers, candy eyeballs, and cake decorating icing can become little spiders to sit on top of peanut butter cookies (I used pre-made cookie dough to make it easier, but you can use your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe). Learn more in this Halloween party post.

Ghost and Frankenstein's Monster Pretzel Rods. Candy melts and pretzel rods with a little bit of extra decoration make these spooky, salty, sweet treats that are also great as class gifts or party favors. See more here.

Halloween Puppy Chow (recipe from Lil' Luna) made with dark chocolate and peanut butter. Put them in a bowl with a skeleton figurine to make it even more festive.

Halloween Cupcakes. Whether homemade or store bought (as a shortcut), you can transform cupcakes into a Halloween theme with just a few additions. White frosting with thick piping just needs candy eyeballs to become ghosts, candy corns are a super simple topper for dark chocolate-frosted cupcakes, and white candy melts piped into spiderweb shapes look great on top of orange frosting. See more on these and other kid-friendly Halloween party ideas here.

Jack-O-Lantern Mandarin Oranges. The kids can get in on decorating these mini jack-o-lanterns! Just use a black Sharpie to make a face onto the peel. This is a fun and festive idea for a school snack as well.

Lollipop Ghosts. Lollipops, tissue paper, ribbon, and a black marker are all you need for this simple Halloween-themed candy treat. Get these and more kid-friendly Halloween party ideas here.

Meringue Bones and Ghosts. Homemade meringues are easier to make than you might think. Get this recipe on Allrecipes here.

Chocolate Cornstarch Pudding. Pudding can be scarier when you use dark chocolate cocoa in the mix, and top with spiderwebs made from candy melts. Get the pudding recipe on Allrecipes here.

MMMMM… Brownies. This classic brownie recipe is made into a spooky cemetery with some white candy melts shaped like tombstones placed on top. Get the brownie recipe on Allrecipes here.

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