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Reasons to Find Yourself in Rockport - Fulton, TX, 'The Charm of the Texas Coast'

I was hosted by Rockport-Fulton and some of the local businesses in this post.  The opinions are my own based on my own experience.  I was not financially compensated for this post. 

The #FabFam has been exploring the special destinations and getaways in our own state this summer.  We've been referring to it as our "summer of Texas fun."  Our latest adventure was to a beautiful part of the Texas coast that we'd not yet visited: Rockport-Fulton.  Our few days in Rockport were truly a highlight of our summer - it was relaxing, peaceful, and FUN for the entire family.  There is quite a bit to do and explore in this area, as you can see yourself on the Rockport-Fulton website.  Today, I am sharing our recommendations based on the amazing itinerary laid out for us by our host, the Rockport-Fulton Chamber.  Keep reading to see where to stay, what to do, and (always important) where to eat during a getaway to Rockport-Fulton, "The Charm of the Texas Coast."

Rockport-Fulton invited us to experience the area to see firsthand how much the region has recovered from last year's devastating hurricane season.  This part of the coast was hit especially hard when Harvey made landfall.  Over the last year the townspeople, along with support from all over our state (#TexasStrong), have been rebuilding.  They want to let vacationers know that #RockportIsBack and ready for tourism!  Beaches, activities, restaurants, and accommodations are open for business, and through good ol' Texan resilience, better than ever.  Take that, Harvey!

Here's why you need to #FindYourselfInRockportFulton... for us, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Where to Stay in Rockport, Texas

Pelican Bay Resort.  We had the pleasure of staying in one of the vacation cottages at Pelican Bay Resort (they also have mini suites).  I would stay here again in a heartbeat.  The cottages are adorable, comfortable, and clean, with the benefit of having a kitchen!  The full-size fridge, stove, and coffee maker can make a longer trip to the area quite convenient and cost-effective, especially given the resort's already great price-point.  Outside the cottage, we spent hours in the on-site pool and hot tub, which were enjoyable for both kids and adults, especially with the shade of the property's oak trees.  The resort also includes pier access for fishing and watching for dolphins. 

How adorable was our cottage?  I love the rocking chairs.

This kitchen is one of my favorite features of the cottage at Pelican Bay Resort

What to Do in Rockport-Fulton

While we couldn't do everything in the area during our few days there (you can see a big list of things to do and see in Rockport-Fulton here), what we had a chance to do was nothing short of awesome.  Here are my recommendations. 

Sunset Cruise with Rockport Birding and Kayaking Adventures.  We are a well-travelled family, and are lucky to say we've experienced some pretty awesome things all over the world.  All that being said, our sunset cruise from Fulton Harbor was one of the most memorable experiences my kids have had.  Not only were we on a boat, not only did we see a beautiful sunset, but we also saw a ton of dolphins, and my oldest got to help drive the boat (well-supervised, of course).  It was epic for the kids, and incredibly special for us as parents to watch the wonder and pure joy on their faces.  The whole experience, including the customer service, was awesome.  I also consider this activity a great value for the price, and recommend you put it on your list of things to do in Rockport, TX. 

All aboard The Skimmer!

Look at their faces! The kids were just so happy during the sunset cruise.

One of the coolest moments of G's life right here

Rockport Beach.  A trip to Rockport isn't complete without a visit to the beach. Rockport Beach is Texas' first Blue Wave Beach, which according to the Rockport-Fulton Chamber, means that it is "clean, managed responsibly and has a focus on the protection of human health and the environment. Blue Wave Beaches are litter free, have handicap accessibility, public restroom facilities and swimmable waters."  The beach also includes a fishing pier, playscapes, and cabana huts available to the public.  We enjoyed our day at the beach, both in and out of the water. 

Cabana huts line the coast at Rockport Beach

The water at Rockport Beach is clear and blue

The kids took a break from the water to build a sand castle

Shopping in the Rockport Heritage District.  Another way to help the region rebuild is to shop local! There are tons of adorable boutiques and shops in Rockport's Heritage District, right near the beach and other local attractions like the maritime museum and aquarium. 

Texas Maritime Museum.  Rockport is home to the Texas Maritime Museum. We loved this museum for its accessibility and its interactive and hands-on offerings that are always ideal for keeping kids engaged. We also loved the view of the region from the museum's observation deck. This is a must-see for shipping or history-enthused adults, and kids that love to see anything to do with boats, pirates, machines, and shipwreck treasure!

Our kids always love hands-on exhibits at museums, and the Texas Maritime Museum has several

Taking in the view from the Texas Maritime Museum's observation deck

Seeing and learning about Texas' only remaining scow sloop, La Tortuga

Emergency escape vessels on display at the Texas Maritime Museum

Where to Eat in Rockport-Fulton

Before our trip, our friends told us that there was some good eatin' in Rockport.  Boy, were they right!  Here's what we tried. 

Moondog Seaside Eatery.  Go to Moondog for some of the best seafood in Texas in a super fun atmosphere right next to the harbor. 

The Boiling Pot.  This is one of those kind of joints where they slap a bib on ya and pour your crab and crawfish right out onto the table.  And man, was it good.  We also had exceptional customer service from the staff, and loved the Zydeco music playing through the speakers. 

You can draw on the table covers while you wait for your meal

My oldest was thrilled to get a piece of art stapled to the wall

Ready to crack into some Dungeness crab!

Our Family Kitchen.  If you need a break from the seafood, I recommend Our Family Kitchen for some southern homestyle dining. We all loved our meals, and the kids rated the restaurant "20 out of 10."

So now that you know #RockportIsBack, when will you #FindYourselfInRockportFulton?


Evelyn Hernandez said...

Looks like a cute fishing village? Where is it? I lived in Austin, Texas a few years ago and had never heard of Rockport. We would love to vist!

Stephanie Jeannot said...

I would really enjoy the sunset cruise. That seems like it would be really beautiful. The Pelican resort looks really nice. What a lovely family vacation.

Renee Stengel said...

The Pelican Bay resort looks perfect!! That yellow cottage is absolutely adorable!! And I adore that last photo of you w your boys looking out at the water - so sweet and quintessential Summer!!

JuliVAGlobal said...

Texas, seems like a nice place to visit and I will take into consideration when I visit the states to go base on your recommendations.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

It looks so much fun! Warm sunny and happy! I love boats, your look fantastic!

Fibi Tong said...

I never been to USA before but I heard Texas is a beautiful place. Wish I go there one day

Sayanti Mahapatra said...

Your cottage is way beyond adorable. The cottage only makes me wanna pack my bags and visit there. Stunning pictures

Clare Low said...

Texas seems like a brilliant place to visit. The photos you took are really lovely indeed and the cottage seems so beautiful.

Natalia A said...

I've never been to the US and this is the first time I read about the Texas Coast! It seems you spent a lovely vacation there!

A World of Dresses said...

Those cottages are too cute! I would definitely want to stay in one. I love the variety of things to do there. From going to the beach to a maritime museum, there's a lot there to stay busy.

Autumnleaves said...

I've been to Texas several times but haven't been to Rockport yet. The Pelican Bay Resort looks like a nice place to stay.

Nailil Ivaldi said...

Wow this looks like a fun place. I'm in Houston and have yet to visit Rockport. Now that you've shared it, I will be adding it to my list.


Aziel Morte said...

Wow, It really looks a nice place to visit with my family and the villa was so cute. Love all the photos

Taslyn Matina said...

When I think about going to America I’ve always thought of Texas and California. The food looks so yum and the everything looks so colourful.

Tiffany Yong W.T. said...

The cottage is really beautiful. It's almost impossible for me to see this in Singapore as it is a grey steel city. I will love to be able to stay in this place in future.