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Let's Party Gras! New Orleans-Themed Bachelorette or Birthday Party Ideas

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My niece just turned 30, and we had to celebrate!  Since New Orleans is my new Vegas since moving from California to Texas, we figured it would be a great place to celebrate.  Plus, NOLA is the perfect blend of youthful fun and mature sophistication, so what better city to transition from your 20s to your 30s?

With the celebration being in NOLA, the theme was easy: Mardi Gras!  Or as we called it for fun-time purposes, "Party Gras!"  The color scheme was the traditional Mardi Gras color combo of purple, green, and yellow.  Here is what we did!  You'll want to pin these ones for your own New Orleans birthday weekend or bachelorette party, or even a Mardi Gras party.

New Orleans Birthday Party Favors

I got these custom hair ties from Etsy seller Gray Duck Greetings.  She has a lot of existing sets in a bunch of cute themes for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and Bridesmaid invitations, but she's also happy to customize a set based on your theme and color scheme.

Since it's hot in NOLA in the summer, I thought these fans were a practical but cute party favor.  I purchased them from Etsy seller Taara Bazaar.  Her communication and customer service were great, and she was so helpful in making sure I was getting the most cost-effective deal for my custom order.  She also has standard options available with personalization.

Other favors: Beads are essential, of course.  I got this pack from Amazon that included beads in our color scheme and feather masks.

New Orleans Party Hangover Kit

I was inspired from some bachelorette party ideas I saw on Pinterest to have hangover kits for each party guest (I knew we'd be spending at least one late night out on Bourbon Street).  

Hangover Kit components:

I fastened the bags with some ribbon and a DIY bag tag with "Hangovers only last a day, Memories last forever" in the party color scheme.

New Orleans Birthday Party Cake

The cake we had to get locally.  We found a great bakery, Cream New Orleans, that delivered to our hotel.  Not only was the cake delicious (we got the birthday girl's favorite: red velvet), but they were also great about creating a lovely cake in our party theme and color scheme with minimal instruction.  I highly recommend Cream as a bakery in New Orleans for their flavor, style, price, and customer service.  

Be sure to pin these for your own NOLA-themed party, Mardi Gras party, or New Orleans bachelorette weekend!  Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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Tanvi Rastogi said...

I love this theme ... we had the same theme party for one of my friends a few years back. It is a classic!


Katie said...

This looks like fun! Birthdays are really fun to celebrate with a night out with the girls.

Jordan Campbell said...

Ahahaha! Great idea! I love the recovery kit card and items. Perfect! The only thing that would make the cake better is adding the plastic baby! ;) (Actually might be a good idea leaving it out if everyone is drinking...) :o

Tanea Mae said...

My uncle goes to New Orleans often and talks about how fun martigra is.

Stuart Brazell said...

This sounds like the most epic place and plan to celebrate your final days of singledom!