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Back to School – You’re Not in it Alone!

I have been compensated for this post by Oros. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

You guys know I’m a big fan of the Oros messaging app (read my full review of the Oros app here, and download it for free for iOS or Android here). I first fell in love with it for restaurant and travel recommendations from real, local experts. But now, I use Oros for even more, like getting any advice about any subject, all from real people. Lately, the other parents on Oros have been using the question and answer platform for all things back-to-school, including sanity tips for busy families getting back into the routine, clothes and school supplies sales and deals, and more.

NEW PROMO FROM OROS! The Oros app has just received an update that allows users to refer their friends and family to join (all from directly within the app). If you refer 25 friends to join Oros (and they download and join), you’ll get a $25 Amazon gift card! Now’s the perfect time to join and get others in on the conversation!

As Oros says, you don’t have to go through life’s mysteries alone. Back-to-school is one of those times in life where knowledge is power, and what better way to gain knowledge than by asking other parents who have gone through it themselves? Some of the conversation happening on Oros right now related to back-to-school: 
  • Best back-to-school clothes sales
  • Non-screentime activities for weekday mornings
  • Advice for easing kids back to an earlier bedtime 
  • Quick weekday breakfast ideas that can be made in advance

If you haven’t yet, go download Oros for free here, refer your friends to score a $25 Amazon gift card, and follow Oros on Facebook, Twitter (@OrosText), LinkedIn, and Instagram (@OrosText) to stay informed on app updates.


Tanvi Rastogi said...

I don't have kids but I can see how this would be helpful for parents and kids alike. Technology now is so helpful for all facets of life.


indra k said...

You have given insightful tips on this messaging app. Seems to be quite useful indeed.

Tizzy-Licious said...

That sounds like a super cool app.Plus, you get so make some money from it, so it is a win win

Natalia A said...

This app sounds amazing for being in the know of good opportunities out there! Here in Switzerland my boy already started school last week (my daughter is only 3) and the school provides with all the schoolbooks,stationery and basic hygiene (tissues, wipes, even their teeth brushes, which are renewed every three months!) As an expat I can't believe all I had to buy was ONLY a rucksack for my boy. I don't buy special clothes for school. They get a fluo-reflective waistcoat from the city-hall for those who walk or ride a bike to school do so safely in the traffic. So the clothes I would normally buy for him don't represent an extra expense for me. My back to school bill was about 9.90 € !!

Clare L said...

This sounds like a great app indeed. It's totally win win, tips and money making! Back to school can be such a hard time so its handy to have these helpful tools.

Nailil Ivaldi said...

Back to school shopping is fun when it comes to clothes. As far as supplies, I'm so glad my little's school sales supplies packages that can be pre-order. It takes the hassle out of shopping for us.