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Flashback Friday: Our Old Hollywood-Themed Engagement Photo Session

My husband and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this month.  TENTH.  Where in the heck did the time go?  Even more crazy is that it will be 15 years total together for us in October.  It's been about 15 years since this dashingly handsome man walked into mine, out of all the gin joints in all the world.  One day, I'll write our love story, but today, I'll open a chapter of it for you.  

10 years ago, I didn't have Fab Everyday.   But I did have my planning bio and a blog on while I was planning my wedding.  In fact, all that sort of led to the creation of Fab Everyday (but more on that later this year when I celebrate Fab Everyday's 10th anniversary).  I documented all of the details for planning my wedding on The Knot so that it might save another person time and effort when planning theirs.  Knot bios included inspiration collages, reviews, and so much more.  See, young whipper-snapper, this was before Pinterest existed when we had to make our own planning and inspiration boards (after walking uphill in the snow with our Blackberries).  

Because it all lived on The Knot for so long, I haven't shared much of my wedding planning on Fab Everyday.  In time for our 10th anniversary, I am going to bring it over here.  It starts today with one of my favorite details about our wedding: our Old Hollywood-themed engagement photo session. 

We took our engagement photos not far before our actual wedding.  We used a destination photographer, April Greer (who we LOVED; she was probably the best decision we made during wedding planning).  We wanted to have fun with the shoot, so we decided to do our shoot in an Old Hollywood feel.  We channeled Humphry Bogart and Rita Hayworth, and shot the photos in the aforementioned gin joint (the restaurant where we met, Callender's Wilshire on Los Angeles' Miracle Mile).  The result is one of my favorite shoots we have ever done.  Romantic, sultry, and just the two of us in our own little world.  We cherish these.

All photos taken by April Greer.

We met right next to this piano

The art deco building had an old elevator

He's all mine!!

Our paparazzi moment

This is the exact spot where we met

Does this inspire you to do a themed engagement photo session?

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This is just fabulous (no pun intended).