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Canning 101 and a Mixed Berry Jam recipe from Ball® Home Canning

I partnered with Ball® Home Canning for this post.  The opinions are my own based on my experience.  I was not financially compensated for this post.  

It's canning season, and Ball® Home Canning is highlighting why canning and fresh preserving is "time well spent."  They are sharing tips and monthly recipes on the Time Well Spent site here.  With all the delicious berries in season right now, I decided to try this Mixed Berry Jam recipe, which our whole family loved cooking and eating!

Canning is a relatively new endeavor for me, and I was lucky to find such an easy and tasty recipe, along with some great tips for beginners.  It was also fun to get the kids involved in the process (who doesn't love mashing up berries - and eating a few of the fresh ones while you're at it?).

This jam is so tasty that the jars didn't last long in our house!  Get the Mixed Berry Jam recipe from Ball® Fresh Preserving Products here, and keep reading below for canning tips!

Ball® Home Canning also provided me with these great canning DOs and DONTs.  If you're a relative canning beginner (like me), then you'll want to make note of these!  You can also get plenty more useful tips on the Canning 101 page here.

What are some of your canning and preserving tips?  Comment below!

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