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How to throw a party that won’t annoy the neighbors

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Party season is here, and households the length and breadth of the country are coming up with their own summer party ideas to make the most of the long nights and the wonderful weather. There’s no better way to celebrate summer with family and friends, but the one downside is that with long evenings, open windows and the fun and laughter spilling out into the garden, it can cause tension with the neighbors.

Friends come and go, but the neighbors will always be there, so it pays to exercise a little thought in advance. The following three tips will ensure domestic harmony continues long after the guests have gone home.

Don’t warn them, invite them

Some people advocate “warning the neighbors.” But when you think about it, how does that really sound? “I’m going to be partying with my friends while you are sitting at home watching TV, so sorry about all the noise.”

Far better to invite them to join in the fun. If you’re anticipating a house full of boisterous youngsters and the old lady next door is in her 80s, you might think it is not her thing, but she will certainly appreciate the gesture, and be far less likely to complain. And you never know, she might just accept and you’ll get the chance to know each other a whole lot better!

Encourage considerate parking

It’s one thing having noise from a party coming from next door. But when the neighbor then finds he or she can’t get his or her car on or off the drive because it is blocked by your guests, it is enough to send anyone over the edge. You can make it clear to guests where to park using this – personalized but professional parking signs are certain to get attention. You will also be making it clear to the neighbors that you are serious about not wanting to cause them any inconvenience.

Control your guests

We all know someone, or indeed a few people, who get a little silly or antisocial after a couple of drinks. Sometimes it manifests itself in being argumentative, on other occasions they become unable to control their volume moderate their language when speaking, and there are even those who lose all sense of propriety and start to pull off tricks and stunts that seem funny or entertaining to them but to nobody else.

As the host, it is your responsibility to intervene if someone steps over the line. Usually a discreet word does the trick, but sometimes the only answer is to tell them to leave. It’s not an easy thing to do, but look at it this way – you have to live day in and day out with the neighbors, not with your inconsiderate guest. And while it might seem harsh at the time, they will be the ones who are embarrassed and apologetic in the cold light of day, so no real harm done.

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