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Gift Ideas for People who Seem to Already Have Everything

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We all have that one friend – someone who seems to already have everything one could ask for, giving us a hard time thinking of the perfect gift idea. Don’t make things any harder for you. Read on and I will share some of the best gifts that you might want to consider.

Photo Book

This will be the ideal gift for someone who loves to travel or to take photos. It features a curation of photos that you can personally pick from the recipient’s social media accounts or ask for it. It can double as a coffee table book and will be a good way to entertain guests who are coming over. Check out Shutterfly and see the photo books that they can produce for you!

Personalized Gifts

There are many personalized gifts that can make your friend happy. They are unique in a way because they are customized, and hence, it is unlike anything that he or she already has. You can give canvas prints in frames with your friend’s photo. Personalized mugs, bags, pillowcases, shirts, jewelry, ref magnets, fleece blankets, pot holders, and water bottles.


For the person who already has every material thing that you could think of, the gift of a unique experience will be surely well-appreciated. They key here is to think of something that a person fancies or loves. Some of the best experience gifts include art workshops, cooking classes, flower arrangement class, winery tour, concert tickets, DJing course, and language lessons.


You do not need to give the massage personally. Instead, you can give a gift card from a nearby spa. This will be a great idea for people who seem to be too busy and cannot find the time to relax and destress.

Tarot Card Reading

Whether the person believes in tarot reading or not, this will make a good experience. Look for someone offering in-person reading near the area where the recipient lives. He or she does not necessarily have to believe the readings, but it is sure to be a great way to have an insight of what is in store for the future.


It may be something material, but a consumable will be well-loved. The good thing about giving food is that the options will be almost endless. If you are going to travel, find a food in your destination and give this as a gift. The food should be something that the recipient has not yet tried for it to be more meaningful.

If your friend loves charitable acts, a donation in his or her name will make a great choice for a gift. Choose an organization that your friend loves. Make a pledge under their name. You are not only making your friend happy but other people as well.

Even if you think your friend already has everything, there are still gifts that you can give, including those that are mentioned above. These are guaranteed to paint a smile on their faces.

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