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Family (and Wallet) Friendly Dining - Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Review

I was hosted for a meal at Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen for review purposes.  The opinions are my own based on my experience.  I was not financially compensated for this post.

Family dinnertime is important in our house.  We use it as a way to connect and converse with each other, and no electronics are allowed (aside from whatever may be playing some background music for us).  When we eat out, we love to find a place where we can still have conversation, and where we all feel comfortable.  I'd like to offer you an idea for your next family dinner outing, as this place has it all: Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen.  Click here to find a Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen restaurant near you.

What do I mean by Cheddar's having it all?  Well, first of all, the food is delicious (this is an absolute must... see more on the menu items below), and made from scratch - just like it would be if I cooked it at home.  Second, the atmosphere is perfect for families to be comfortable and share laughs and conversation.  Third, Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen is really kid-friendly, but while also offering everything adults could need as well.  Finally, the menu pricing is very wallet-friendly.  Frankly, for all that we got during our visit, I was shocked at the total.  My husband and I can barely eat out for that total, let alone feed our family of four!

We visited the Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen in North Austin off of Highway 183.  The staff was all amazingly friendly, especially our server, Colton, who did not steer us wrong with any of his recommendations.

The floorplan of the restaurant was open, but not loud.  We could all hear each other and share about our days (including some goofiness and giggles from the boys).  The kids, who are lemonade connoisseurs when we go out to eat, were floored when they realized that Cheddar's offered multiple different fresh lemonade flavors.  G was adventurous and chose mango lemonade for his beverage, which he loved. 

For my beverage, I went with Colton's recommendation of the Cheddar's Painkiller.  With a name like that, I had to try it!  For it being such a strong drink (guests are limited to no more than two per visit), this giant tropical drink was surprisingly smooth.

Colton also recommended we try the famous Santa Fe Spinach Dip.  Y'all - this was like queso and spinach dip combined.  Do yourself a favor and order this.  Even my kids were scraping the last bits of cheese and spinach from the dish when it was done!

While Cheddar's is famous for lots of their scratch-made comfort food, I would argue that their fried chicken is the best.  I ordered the Country Fried Chicken, and thank goodness they offer both lunch and dinner sizes all day long, because there is no way I could have finished a bigger portion!  The chicken was unbelievably tender and juicy on the inside, while being perfectly crispy on the outside.  They told me that the secret was in how they batter the chicken before frying.  My oldest experienced the same chicken perfection with his chicken strips kid's meal.

My husband loved his bacon cheeseburger, and my youngest polished off his grilled cheese sandwich and corn (he loved getting to choose his side from Cheddar's big list of comforting side dishes). 

Unfortunately, we had no room for dessert (Cheddar's has nice hearty portion sizes), but may have to go back just try their "legendary" Monster Cookie. 

The boys were enthralled with the fish after the meal, and we were able to take home some leftovers to enjoy the next day due to Cheddar's generous portion sizes. 

Have you ever been to Cheddar's?  What's your favorite item on the menu?  Don't forget to check out their website for the menu and locations, and thank you to Cheddar's for giving our family a great night out!

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