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Quick and Easy Appetizer Recipe: Pear Bacon Queso Bites

I love, love, love easy recipes.  Especially easy appetizer recipe ideas, because you never know when you need to whip something up for guests (or just treating yo'self).  This particular recipe actually has a flavor inspired by my family.  

Growing up, my Puerto Rican family often made a quick appetizer out of slices of Queso Fresco and guava paste. I decided to try a new take on this sweet/savory combo, and came up with a super easy, but oh-so-delicious appetizer: Pear Bacon Queso Bites!


Two days in Stockholm, Sweden in winter (with the kids!)

The #FabFam recently went to Scandinavia (Sweden and Finland) for spring break.  I know... people usually go somewhere warm for spring break.  But not us - we decided to travel to the arctic!  In the coming weeks I will share more about our time there (I'll have posts on our time at the Icehotel in Sweden's Arctic Circle and our day in Helsinki, Finland).  Today I am sharing about our brief visit to Stockholm, Sweden.


Our time in Stockholm was actually centered around discovering some of our family history (like our trip to Spain in 2010 and last summer's road trip in England and Scotland).  I'll share about that, as well as general tips and recommendations for a quick two-day trip to Stockholm with kids. 


Fall/Winter 2018 Trends to Watch According to the Designers at Austin Fashion Week 2018

I got to attend my first Austin Fashion Week this year!  This year's show, brought to you by Fashion X with presenting sponsor Roger Beasley Mazda, was a great one to attend, as it marked the 10th anniversary of Austin Fashion Week/Fashion X Austin.  

If you follow @fabeverydayblog on social media, then you know I was on a quest to wear all local Texas designers to the show.  Stay tuned for more on that soon.  Today, I am sharing more about the Fashion X Austin experience (so you know what to expect when you attend next year), and the key trends to look out for this Fall/Winter 2018 according to what the designers presented on the Austin Fashion Week runway.


A doctor's visit from the comfort of my couch? Yes, please! My review of Amwell telehealth (plus a 25% discount code)

Compensation was provided by Amwell via Momtrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Amwell or Momtrends.

Doesn’t it seem like it’s always a weekend, or you are about to go out of town when your child has a new suspicious rash, a low-grade fever, or other mysterious symptoms?  For me, it ALWAYS seems to be the case!  It’s not convenient for these things to pop-up outside of your primary care doctor’s normal business hours, and ain’t nobody got time for the urgent care clinic for small medical questions.

Thankfully, we live in a day and age where technology comes to the rescue!  No, I’m not talking about consulting Dr. Google (we all know the fear and uncertainty Googling your symptoms brings).  I’m talking about telehealth – the new-fangled ability we have to meet with a live doctor on video from our laptop or mobile device via the internet.

Today, I am sharing my recent experience with Amwell, the largest telehealth network in the country. If you try Amwell for yourself, Fab Everyday readers get a 25% discount on urgent care services with code MOM27!  Please note that this code is good through 12/31/18.


Oros, the new messaging and Q&A app, is HERE! Download it for free today!

I have been compensated for this post by Oros. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

This is not a drill! The new Oros messaging app is HERE! Download Oros for iOS or Android free here:

You can read my review of the Oros app here (I have been fortunate to be in the beta test group), but I love it because it combines a few things in one easy-to-navigate app. Oros is not only a text app (that connects you with your own contacts), it’s also a question/answer and recommendations app (that connects you with anyone in the world). Anyone can try Oros now, but this week’s launch is focused on the Austin, Texas area while your network of local experts grows.