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Behind the wheel of some of Kia's most luxurious rides at the DFW Auto Show

I have been given compensation for this post by Kia Motors. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Those of you following me know the whole premise behind Fab Everyday is how to have more fabulousness in the everyday.  It's balancing real life with style and accessible luxury.  

Now that I'm in the market for a new car myself, this balance naturally extends to my choice in a new vehicle.  Function and style are of equal importance to me.  A car is such a piece of one's identity, that I need to feel good about what I drive, inside and out.  But it still needs to work in my lifestyle as a busy working mom with an active family.  Last week I got to attend the DFW Auto Show with Kia Motors to get behind the wheel of some of their vehicles.  To me, this was an opportunity to get a closer experience of their more luxurious models, and get a feel for how they'd work in my everyday life.  I'm excited to share what I learned in the process!

I got to drive a new Kia Optima PHEV for the road trip from Austin to Dallas.  I drove one at a Ride & Drive last year comparing Kia's eco-dynamic vehicles, but this was my first opportunity to really get to know the plug-in hybrid.  Guys... this car is cool.  Not only was it a super fuel-efficient smooth ride, but the technology in this vehicle!  The car has a smart cruise control.  Once I was on the open road, I barely touched a pedal since the vehicle automatically kept me safely two car-lengths behind other vehicles, no matter if traffic ahead slowed down, or someone pulled in front of me.  Blind spot detection also gave me that extra sense of security during lane changes.  Not to mention the great features for my music and connectivity through Apple CarPlay.  The biggest takeaway for me during my road trip to the auto show was that whatever my next car, this type of tech is a MUST for me. 

After arriving at the DFW Auto Show, I high-tailed it to the Kia exhibit to spend some time with the latest models.  

Before I got behind the wheel for a test drive at the Kia Ride & Drive experience at the DFW Auto Show, I wanted to see Kia's different models, check out their specs, get a feel for their style, sit in a few to gage comfort, and get an in-person view of the colors and interiors.  

I got to meet this cheeky little hamster at Kia's exhibit at the DFW Auto Show

Fancy a peek under the hood of a Kia Stinger?

Just like most things in my life, function and style have almost equal importance to me.  To me, this means trunk space and a good-sized backseat for the kiddos and our family travel gear, but I also want a good-looking exterior, a fun and sporty drive, and a sleek leather interior with the latest tech.  I spent a good amount of time comparing these features on almost every car on Kia's exhibit floor while at the show, and you can go along with me in this recording live from the show:

Sleek and sassy Kia Niro crossovers

I saw a trend in different shades of blue all over the DFW Auto Show... including this pretty blue Kia Sportage (a cost-effective compact SUV)

After ogling these vehicles in their stationary state for quite some time, it was time to get behind the wheel.  Kia had a lot of their vehicles available for test drives at the DFW Auto Show Ride & Drive, so I went down to see what I could get my hands on.  

Kia's Ride & Drive lounge at the DFW Auto Show was a great respite for this gal to rest her weary heels

If you've never experienced a Ride & Drive at an auto show, it's actually a pretty easy process.  You register with your driver's license and a quick breathalyzer test, answer a few pre-drive survey questions, and await your turn with the vehicle(s) of your choice.

Of course musically-inclined Kia would allow you to choose a soundtrack for your Ride & Drive experience! 

As was to be expected, there was a bit of a wait to drive one of the Stingers (everyone wanted to drive a Stinger!), so I decided to drive the Kia Cadenza first.  I had already been eyeing the Cadenza as a candidate for my next vehicle due to it's lux look and feel, but I hadn't had the chance to drive one until this moment.  Let me tell you, it was everything I expected and more.  Soooo stylish.  So much of the tech I am coveting for my next vehicle (including the smart cruise control I fancied in the Optima PHEV).

Next was my turn with the Stinger.  I decided to be a passenger this time, because I wanted to let Nancy from Kia open it up for me.  Want to know what it was like?  Come along for the ride in this live video I did in the Stinger at the Ride & Drive:

Like Katy Perry, this tiger RAWRed!  Plus, the Stinger has all the luxury features I've been looking for in a car.  The trunk is also a good size... essential for the #FabFam's road trip or camping gear when needed.  Like I said, I want function and style.

After the Ride & Drive, I answered a few post-drive survey questions, and was thanked with a gift card (woohoo!). 

I am so glad I had the chance to get up-close-and-personal with more Kia cars at the DFW Auto Show.  While I love the eco-dynamic vehicles (including the Optima plug-in hybrid), I think I am leaning towards one of the luxury models like the Cadenza or Stinger.  I still haven't had the chance to drive the Kia K900 (which I have a feeling may totally be my jam), so I think my decision will have to await some further research.  Stay tuned for more on this journey!

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