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Keeping your relationship and date night outfits fresh: 7 tips for dating your spouse

This post was developed in collaboration with Downy.  The thoughts are my own based on my experience using the product.

Adulting is busy, especially when you’ve got kids.  No matter how much we love each other, my husband and I find that when spending so much energy on our busy day-to-day life, that it is easy to forget to work on our relationship.  One way we work on maintaining that connection is with regular date nights.  Just because we’re married doesn’t mean we don’t need the romance and connection that we had when we were first dating, so we swear by the importance of ‘dating your spouse.’  And when I’m pulling it together for a big date, I want to look and feel (and, ahem, smell) my best.  

Smelly clothes aren’t just an issue after a workout - it can happen any time there’s an odor lingering (like when you’re at a restaurant, or out dancing for date night).  Nothing kills the romance faster than smelly clothes!  You want to get closer to your partner on a date… not go the other way!

Introducing my wingman: Downy Protect & Refresh liquid fabric conditioner. Downy Protect & Refresh doesn’t just block smells, like deodorant for your clothes (though I’d argue that is worth the investment alone!) - it also conditions fabric, keeping my date night dresses touchably soft, and protecting them from stretching, fading and fuzz. I just pour it into the dispenser right after my detergent, then set it and forget it.  It’s become a key part of my laundry routine, and keeps my favorite date night LBD (little black dress) feeling and smelling as fresh at the end of the date as when I first pull it out of the dryer. 

Did I mention how much of a time-saver it is now that I’ve incorporated Downy Protect & Refresh into my life?  When your clothes feel as fresh at the end of the date as they do at the beginning, you don’t always need to rewash everything after a quick wear.  Cross one thing off the list of your busy day, and put that dress back in the closet!  I won’t tell if you don’t!

Click here for more info on Downy Protect & Refresh, and check out my tips below for keeping your relationship fresh with date nights.

7 tips for successful date nights with your spouse

1.     Commit to a schedule.  Life is busy and time flies.  Make sure to carve out the time.  We try to have date nights at least once a month.

2.     Save money on babysitting, and help other couples have their own date night by taking turns watching each other’s kids for your monthly date nights.

3.     Do things you can’t do, or can’t easily do, with the kids.  Make the experience yours as a couple, as opposed to something that may be best left for a family outing. 

4.     Make sure you can talk.  Concerts and plays are great, but at least part of the date should be at a place where you can talk to – and hear – each other.  This is key to maintaining connection. 

5.     In addition to being able to talk, also look for date ideas where you can be close physically.  Being close enough to hold hands, or dance, rekindles the physical intimacy that we may unconsciously neglect during busy day-to-day life.  A night dancing, or anything requiring physical closeness will make you especially grateful for Downy Protect & Refresh’s odor-blocking and fabric softening technology. 

6.     Be goofy.  Laughter relieves stress and releases endorphins.  Have fun with each other and let loose!

7.     Dress up!  When I look fabulous, I feel fabulous.  Pull out that LBD (little black dress) that makes you feel good, accessorize with some statement boots or a chunky necklace, and you’ll enjoy pulling yourself together for a night with the one you love.  Just don’t let the smells of dinner or dancing on your clothes ruin the ambiance.  Downy Protect & Refresh is your date night accessory!

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