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My absolute favorite cup of coffee - you have to try Café Bustelo!

This post was sponsored by Café Bustelo as part of an Influence Central campaign and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I start every single morning at home with Café Bustelo®, and have my entire adult life. In my Puerto Rican family, there was really never any other option. Café Bustelo = love. Growing up, this was the only coffee my parents and Abuela brewed and drank. Fast-forward to the current day, with Café Bustelo available in K-Cup® Pods, which gets me my Café Bustelo fix even more quickly and easily. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I have a deal for you to try Café Bustelo yourself! Click here to get 10% off Café Bustelo K-Cup® Pods with the Target Cartwheel app (and find your local Target store here).

So here’s the thing about Café Bustelo: it’s actually an espresso coffee, so it has this delicious, rich flavor. This makes it perfect for café con leche, which Abuela made with a lot of milk and a lot of sugar. I remember her letting me sample hers (she always took it with toast). It was such a sweet treat, and allowed me to first appreciate the flavor of a good bold coffee (softened with the milk and sugar for my youthful palette at the time). Sweet, creamy café con leche brings me nostalgia to this day, and I picture sitting with Abuela at the kitchen table and her letting me taste her toast and coffee.

The romance was carried on by my parents, who also always drank Café Bustelo (though with less sugar and milk than Abuela). The taste, quality, and full flavor just couldn’t be matched, and we all became a bit coffee snobbish as a result.

Naturally, when I moved out on my own for college, Café Bustelo was the only way to go. By this time, I was committed and loyal. When I met my husband, I almost immediately got him hooked (and he is coffee connoisseur). Years later, I love the bold espresso taste so much that I have taken it a step further than my parents, and drink it black. 

Café Bustelo is not only available in K-Cup Pods. You can find it in several other forms, including ground, whole bean, brick, and Instant. It can be found both in Target (in store or online) and other grocery stores. Click here to take advantage of the 10% discount on the K-Cup Pods at Target, and start your own love affair Café Bustelo!

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Papi Cruz said...

My wife and I still start every morning with a robust delicious cup of Café Bustelo. We even take it camping and make it in an old perculator over a campfire. The the flavor and aroma are unbelievable. Simply delicioso.