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Minecraft-Themed 5th Birthday Party (with Printables!)

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Both of my boys have been Minecraft nuts since the first one of them got their first "big kid tablet" and could start playing Pocket Edition.  Then after Santa brought them a PS4 last Christmas along with the full version of the game, their love for Minecraft went next-level.  Between the time they spend in Creative or Survival, playing Story Mode, and watching their favorite YouTubers play (DanTDM, StampyCat, and Pat and Jen have practically become part of the family), this game has become a big part of the boys' lives.  Fortunately, it's a very creative and kid-friendly game, so we don't mind.  In fact, we love seeing the creative structures the boys construct, and watching them learn teamwork when they play in Survival together. 

I figured it was just a matter of time before one of them requested a Minecraft party.  Though my seven year-old has been playing longer, it was my youngest that requested a Minecraft birthday party first.  Here are the details from his Minecraft-themed 5th birthday party from a few weeks ago. 

Minecraft Birthday Party Invitations

I was inspired by the invitations in this post by A Thrifty Mom, and thought that since everything is a cube in Minecraft, that the invitations should be as well!  To create them, I downloaded the grass and dirt block template here, customized it using this free Minecraft PE font, and printed them on cardstock.  S's friends absolutely loved receiving these!

Minecraft Party Décor

The welcome sign for the party looks like the signs in the game.  You can make your own using this free Minecraft font.

The favor station was decorated with a Creeper face pattern made out of 7" square plates in dark (festive) green, light (kiwi) green, and black.  I was able to use the extra plates in the packs to serve the party food.  I also used the same Creeper colors for balloons (emerald green, kiwi lime, and black), and grass pattern tablecloths throughout the party. 

We turned our square coffee table into a "crafting table" for the kid's paper craft activities (see more details on the activities in the Minecraft Party Activities section below).  To do this, we wrapped the table in craft paper, and decorated it with black and brown duct tape

We made a "Nether Portal" door with a home-printed sign (see a link to the party printables at the end of this post), along with black and purple streamers.
There are pails in Minecraft, so I used mini pails (similar to these) to hold the cutlery (I used festive/Creeper green for the plastic cutlery).  For napkins, I used a combination of black and kiwi green lunch and beverage sized napkins.

Minecraft Party Food and Beverages

For food and beverages, we tried to stick with food items from the game, or foods that looked like other Minecraft blocks and crafting materials.  See a link to the party printables at the end of this post.

Melon, redstone (strawberries), and slime balls (green grapes)
Carrots and sticks (pretzel sticks)
Cooked chicken (chicken nuggets)
Pork chops (mini pigs in a blanket made with Lil' Smokies)
The dessert display was decorated with a grass pattern tablecloth with boxes under it to create geometric tiers
Diamond (light blue rock candy), torches (candy-dipped pretzel rods; see more on this below), obsidian (mini Oreos), cookies (cookie cereal), and coal (Raisinettes)

To make the torches, I used pretzel rods dipped into bright white candy melts.  You can get the kids involved with making these too!  Fab Everyday Tip: Use a coffee mug for the candy melts, as they can handle the heat, and will provide a good depth for dipping.
While the candy coating is still wet, roll the tips into orange and yellow sugar sprinkles.
Let them dry on a piece of wax paper, then you're ready for the party!  Fab Everyday Tip: You can make these a day or two before the party to save time. 
Gold and iron (Hershey's Nuggets), TNT (Twizzlers; see more details below), and fish (blue fish gummy candy)

To make these rolls of TNT, I cut three Twizzlers twists in half (to create a bundle of six halves), secured them with a twist tie, then wrapped them with TNT labels.  See a link to the party printables at the end of this post.

The cupcakes resembled both dirt blocks and Creepers.  I used chocolate cupcakes frosted with dark green frosting, then topped with DIY Creeper cupcake topper.  Fab Everyday Tip: Save yourself time and effort by using store-bought cupcakes, and customizing them with your own DIY toppers. 
To make the cupcake toppers, I used my Cricut to make Creeper faces with black and green paper, then assembled them using my DIY cupcake topper method from this post.

Creeper Juice (mini 7-Up bottles), water, and milk

Creeper Juice is really just 7-Up.  We removed the labels from mini bottles of 7-Up, then made Creeper faces on them with squares of black electrical tape.

We also removed water bottle labels, and replaced them with these simple labels with the Minecraft water icon (see a link to the party printables at the end of this post).  Fab Everyday Tip: You can use regular paper for home-printed water bottle labels if you keep the bottles at room temperature.  Chilling them ahead of time, and (obviously) putting them into a bucket of ice would cause too much condensation or moisture, which would destroy the paper wrappers. 

Minecraft Party Favors

Party favors included individually-wrapped caramel apples (Enchanted Golden Apples), and TNT favor bags filled with some Minecraft-themed goodies.  Get the red favor bags here, and see a link to the party printables at the end of this post for the TNT wrapper.

Favor bag contents included pickaxe pencils, green pixel sunglasses, party poppers wrapped like TNT, and pixel party tattoos (from Party City)

We also made caramel apples using an easy kit from the grocery store, then wrapped them individually as "Enchanted Golden Apples" (see a link to the party printables at the end of this post for the labels)

Minecraft Party Activities

As I mentioned above, we turned our square coffee table into a "crafting table" for the kid's paper craft activities.  To do this, we wrapped the table in craft paper, and decorated it with black and brown duct tape
We got a few Minecraft Papercraft sets on Amazon that were easy for the kids to do (we got the 48-piece Minecraft set and the Animal Mobs set).

I also created a craft-your-own-torch station using recycled TP and paper towel rolls (folded into square shapes) and strips of white, orange, and yellow construction and tissue paper.  If you pre-cut the construction paper into squares (using a Cricut or square punch) and cut the tissue paper into strips, all the kids need is tape and their imagination for this simple party craft. 

The kids loved playing with their torches during the party, and then got to take them home as an additional party favor

The kids also got hours of fun in this Minecraft-decorated bouncy house rented from a local vendor

I can't believe my baby is five!  Where does the time go? 

All printables for the party are available in this post here.  The printables I created are free, but I would appreciate a follow for @fabeverydayblog on social media (you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Snapchat with that username) in return.  If you post pictures of your parties, tag @fabeverydayblog in them so we can see what you do!  Finally, if you blog about your party, please link back to in your blog posts to credit the printables and inspiration.

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