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DIY Kid's Camping and Outdoor Safety Necklace Craft

Our family camps and hikes on a regular basis, both for personal trips, and with our Camp Fire clubs.  Since it is important to teach kids some basic outdoor safety and survival skills, our Camp Fire club just had a lesson on this topic.  Part of the lesson was a craft to create their own outdoor safety necklace.
If you do this craft with your kids, I recommend also watching this YouTube video, which has some great, simple survival skills for children

The necklace is a great accessory for hikes and camping trips

It includes a flashlight to help see in the dark, or to flash at a beacon...

... a whistle to help get attention to your location...

... and a compass carabineer to help with direction

DIY Kid's Outdoor Safety Necklace Craft

What you need:

  • Remove the ring from the whistle, and string the whistle back onto the necklace cord.  You can prep this in advance if you are doing this with a group of kids.
  • String beads on either side of the whistle.

  • Remove the keychain from the flashlight, leaving just the small ring that's attached to the flashlight, and string the flashlight onto the necklace.  You can prep this in advance if you are doing this with a group of kids.

  • On the opposite side of the necklace from the flashlight, tie a knot in the necklace cord to make a small loop.

  • Clip the compass carabineer onto the cord loop you just created. 

  • Tie the necklace together, and that's it!

Make sure to incorporate other outdoor safety tips for kids with this lesson, like the importance of staying hydrated, protecting yourself from the sun, and finding shelter. 
Have fun out there!


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I am thinking of introducing my son to kid’s DIY projects, and I have just found the perfect idea from your post. Making a camping and outdoor safety necklace is our next big assignment. I also found some impressive DIY camping projects for myself here:

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