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Creative Hot Dog Bar Toppings and Combos for your next Cookout

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Three-day weekends plus spring / summer weather mean lots of time spent outdoors for cookouts, pool parties, and barbecues!  My brother-in-law wanted to have a fun cookout for his birthday, and as I'm always looking for ways to bring a bit more fabulousness to the everyday, I found myself trying to think of ways to spice up traditional cookout fare.  I decided to do a hot dog bar, where we could grill up a bunch of dogs and provide topping combination options for guests to build their dogs their way. 

Many of the hot dog toppings I settled on for the hot dog bar were from this 13 Creative Hot Dog Recipes slideshow from Real Simple, but I found a few others as well.  Read on to see all the recipes I used!

To set the hot dog bar, we first grilled up a bunch of hot dogs (I am personally a huge fan of Ball Park's bun-length franks) and set them out with a bunch of hot dog buns and baskets.  I then grouped the toppings by each of the recipe combinations below in individual plastic bowls from the dollar store.  Grouping them together with a sign helped guests create one of the recipe ideas, or mix-and-match from the different toppings to create a unique recipe of their own.  I also included some additional, more traditional toppings, which I have listed below.  Guests grabbed a basket, a bun (or not - you can go low-carb and just top your dogs without the bun), and a hot dog and went to work on their creations. 


OK, I know you came here for the hot dog recipes, so here they are!

Banh Mi Dog (get the recipe from Real Simple here)
This adds a Vietnamese twist to your dog!

Peach Salsa Dog (get the recipe from Real Simple here)
A dog with a summery, spicy kick.

Cubano Dog (get the recipe from Real Simple here)
Almost like a Cuban sandwich on a dog.

Reuben Dog (get the recipe from Real Simple here)
Reubens are my favorite sandwich, so naturally I had to have a Reuben version of a hot dog.

Swanky Dog (get the recipe on Munchies here)
Three words: bacon, truffle mayo.  Plus a few other swanky additions.

Greek Dog (get the recipe on Lucky Peach here)
Tzatziki sauce and your usual Greek salad ingredients top this dog.

Mac n' Cheese Dog
So simple, but so genius.  All you need is prepared mac n' cheese for this family-friendly dog. 

California Dog
Sprouts, mayo, and avocado top this fresh dog.

Other Toppings (in addition to what you prepare for the above hot dog recipes):
Shredded cheddar
Condiments (mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish)

What are your plans for the three-day weekend?  Are you firing up the grill too?

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Anita | Fearless Captivations said...

This is clever and fun! I can't wait to try this for my next cookout!