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Seeing Stars: Throw a Fabulous Oscar-Watch Party

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I love, love, love the Academy Awards, and movie award season is one of my favorite times of year.  I don't have a lot of time to go to movies throughout the year, but during award season, we seem to scramble feverishly to see as many of the nominated movies as we can.  It's always a good time!
I also love hosting Oscar-watching parties!  In fact, my very first "big girl" party (décor, specialty food and cocktails, etc.) when living on my own in college was an Oscar party.  I'll never forget it - it was the year Chicago won Best Picture, and it became the first in a many-year tradition of hosting an Oscar party. 
Today I am sharing some details that will hopefully inspire you to have your own fabulous Academy Awards shindig!   
So, before I get into the details for snacks and décor, I have to share the most important activity for an Oscar party: picking the winners!  I always print up ballots, and each guest has to complete one.  You can do this just for fun, or you can raise the stakes by having the guests put money into a pool, and the one with the most correct picks gets to take home the pot!  This year I am using this printable Oscar ballot from SkinnyPop (it goes along with my popcorn and movie theme). 

Savory Snacks
Popcorn is a healthy, easy way to incorporate a cinema theme into your party.  I use cute apothecary jars with gold-trimmed labels (from Michael's) as a popcorn buffet.  I recommend SkinnyPop, because it is healthy and delicious (and won't leave extra grease on your hands - you don't want to answer "Who are you wearing?" with "Orville Redenbacher").  Our family's favorite SkinnyPop flavors are White Cheddar and Jalapeno.
Guests serve their own bags of popcorn in these pretty gold and white treat bags.
One of your best Oscar Party planning investments will be a set of star cookie cutters (I got this Wilton set of nesting star cookie cutters).  You can use them for a lot, but one easy snack idea is to cut stars out of cheese and serve with crackers.
Sweet Snacks

It's just not a party without cupcakes.  I made mine in some metallic gold baking cups, and topped them with some glittery silver and gold star picks.

Cake pops are also an easier-than-you-may-think dessert option for your Oscar party.  I use this method, but I cover mine in white candy coating and sprinkle with edible gold stars

Star sugar cookies are the perfect easy dessert for an awards show party.  I always use the Betty Crocker Classic Sugar Cookies recipe when I make sugar cookies.  For this party, I spread cookie decorating frosting on two edges of the star, then sprinkle with gold pearlized sugar.

The gold pearlized sugar also looks pretty on the rim of champagne flutes.  Bubbly (alcoholic for the adults or non-alcoholic for the kids) is an ideal drink for an Academy Awards party.  You can get even more festive by adding gold straws to the flutes for the display.

Misc. Décor

Gold spray painted mason jars make great containers for utensils, straws, even the cake pops.

I got black fabric by the yard at Joann for a backdrop and tablecloths.  I picked up a few small gold garlands at Michael's to add a little bling to the food buffet. 

Mini plastic Oscar statuettes not only make great décor, but they double as party favors or prizes.  I personally use them for prizes (the winner of the ballot picks, as well as the best dressed winners - more on that later).


So, it couldn't possibly be an award show party without a red carpet!  I got this one on Amazon, and set up my black photo backdrop and stand behind it.  I draped some gold star garlands that I cutout with my Cricut, but you can buy something similar on Amazon (single strand, or set of five strands) if you don't have the time, patience, or tools to DIY. 
All my Oscar parties require that the guests come dressed to impress.  Why not?  There are not enough opportunities to gussy up these days.  The red carpet is not only a photo opp for the guests, but also a chance for them to show off their outfits as they arrive.  We then vote on best dressed guy and girl later in the evening, and the winners receive one of the little statuette trophies.  It's always fun!

Some years I incorporate little additional themes, but stars and classic Hollywood colors like black, white, silver, gold, and red are almost always involved.  Do you have any fun Oscar traditions? 

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