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Pin these now: Easy, Fabulous, Last-Minute Ideas for Valentine's Day

Other things on your mind besides Valentine's Day this year?  Simply too busy to deal yet?  Or did the holiday just straight up sneak up on you?  No need to worry... You're not too late to get into the Valentine's Day spirit!  Today I am sharing a round-up of my favorite last-minute Valentine's Day ideas (for food and drink, activities and crafts, DIY décor, and Valentine's cards and gifts).  Oh, and they are all fabulous (of course), and easy (my fave).  For more inspiration, follow my Valentine's Day inspiration board on Pinterest, but read on for some of my favorite, last-minute ideas!

Food and Drink
The first idea is one of the easiest: make heart-shaped food and treats for every meal on V-Day!  This is much easier than you think with a heart cookie cutter or mold.  I share lots more ideas like this in my Heart Everything: Heart-Shaped Food for Every Valentine's Day Meal post.
Also, if you still need to plan your Valentine's Day dinner, check out this post on Three Valentine's Day Menus - Romantic Meals You Can Make at Home.

Heart-Shaped Cake.  This looks easy, and no heart cake pan is required!

Pink Chocolate Berry Oreos.  Super cute, and super easy.  If you've never worked with candy melts, you'll be surprised how easy they are to work with. 

XOXO Cupcakes.  Want to make this one even quicker and easier?  Use store-bought cupcakes, and just add the decorative topping yourself.

Cupid's Arrows.  This one looks like a great one to do with the kids!  I know my boys would dig it. 

Raspberry Heart Thumbprint Cookies.  Thumbprint cookies are one of my faves... don't know why I never thought to make heart versions for V-Day!

No Bake Valentine's Day Chex Mix.  No bake?  Alright (in my best McConaughey voice).

Heart Bread Sticks.  I bet you can do these with ready-made dough to make it even easier.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries.  Using candy melts will make this a much easier project than you might think.  And it doesn't get much more romantic than strawberries covered in candy coating!

Yogurt-Dipped Ombre Strawberries.  These are just beautiful.

Cherry Vanilla Fudge.  A super pretty and unique V-Day dessert idea.

Valentine's Mini Brownie Bites.  I would buy store-bought brownie bites, add a bit of store-bought chocolate cake frosting, and pop a conversation heart on top.  Voila!  Easy, festive V-Day treat.

Pomegranate Champagne.  Gotta have some of the bubbly for a romantic V-Day libation. 

Activities and Crafts

Tic-Tac-Toe Snack Craft.  My boys would love this!

Cupid's Arrow Practice.  My boys would play with this all day long!  I am looking forward to trying it with them.

Toilet Paper Roll Hearts.  I've done this before, and it is both super easy and really cute.  Great V-Day craft for little kids who can't draw or cut hearts as easily.  Bonus - you get to reuse/upcycle old TP rolls!

Tin Foil Hearts.  This is such a unique craft idea!

Festive Décor

Geometric Paper Heart.  This looks very high-impact, but seems so easy!

Valentine Paper Strip Heart.  This looks easy, and you can get the kids involved to help.

Last-Minute DIY Floral Arrangement.  Simple, chic table setting.

Tulip Floral Arrangement.  I love how this can take grocery store blooms to a festive next-level.

Valentine's Cards and Gifts

As a "Pinterest Mom," I do feel pressure to have cute, homemade Valentine's Day cards for my sons.  But to be honest, I don't do it every year.  It's all about balance, and some years I just don't have the bandwidth.  Luckily, the kids never mind, as they are just as fine with store-bought Star Wars cards as a homemade Pokémon version.  But there's a great middle-of-the-road option!  If you don't have time or creativity to design and make your own, there are so many adorable printable options (free on Pinterest, or low-cost and customizable on Etsy) that give you that one-of-a-kind/homemade feel without much effort on your part.  If you have car lovers, check out my DIY Car-Themed Kids Valentine Idea + Free Printable.

Last-Minute Heart Crayon Cards.  Got broken crayons (who doesn't) and a heart silicon mold?  Give this a try!

Printable Valentine's Coupons.  This is a cheap/free idea that's an oldie but goodie.  This can be done as a G-Rated version for the kids, or as a saucier version for the significant other. 

Printable Coffee Gift Card Holder.  This is an adorable idea if you need a last-minute gift for a teacher, co-worker, etc. 

Free Watercolor Gift Tags.  Chic and FREE!

All That and a Bag of Chips.  This one just cracked me up.  It's also easy, and would please the recipient in more ways than one.  Who doesn't like chips?

I hope this gave you a bit of last-minute inspiration for Valentine's Day!  For more ongoing inspiration, don't forget to follow Fab Everyday on Pinterest if you're not already.

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