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What I Wore | February 2017

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and/or make a purchase, I may receive a commission.  This does not cost you anything additional, and helps me to keep the rest of my content free, so thank you!
Here is a monthly round-up of the outfits I wore and shared on Instagram for February 2017.  If you follow @fabeverydayblog on Instagram, these looks are probably familiar to you, but I have included some new photos of them in today's post so you can see the outfits from different angles.  I have links to shop the outfit components throughout the post, but remember that on my Instagram Shop page you can easily shop the looks I am sharing on Instagram at any time throughout the month. 
I am excited to announce that I have become a rewardStyle affiliate!  Now you can shop my looks directly using the links below, or by signing up to here and simply liking your favorite fashion bloggers' Instagram photos for shoppable links sent to your inbox!  You only need to sign up once!

Look 1: Three words: pink, velvet, loafers.  They can be dressed up (with slacks or a skirt) or down (with distressed jeans), and are in the perfect spring shade of blush pink.  These beauties are Bernadette from JustFab.  If you're not a member of JustFab yet, click here to join so you can get the VIP discount on these lovelies.


Spring Fashion Trend: Graphic Tees (Featuring Women's Graphic Tees from Merch Nerds)

Disclosure: I received a graphic tee from Merch Nerds for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  I was not financially compensated for this post.
As you saw in my Spring Fashion Must-Haves video, graphic tees are making a huge comeback, and are key pieces to add to your spring wardrobe.  I recently got the chance to try out a women's graphic tee from Merch Nerds, and immediately loved the selection and pricing for both men's and women's graphic tees on their online store.  When I received my tee, I found it to be true-to size, well-fitting for a women's tee, and a great quality. 
My Merch Nerds graphic tee styled with some distressed denim shorts, a plaid convertible-sleeve button-up shirt for layering, and some open-toe shoeties. 

Graphic tees are more versatile than you might think.  They are great for vacation attire (I love them on road trips), outdoor activities, concerts, and just running around town.  Graphic tees can be styled with shorts or jeans and layers like plaid or chambray tops for a more casual or boho look.  You can also mix them with blazers or skirts to create an edgier day-to-night outfit.  The shirt I chose was from Merch Nerds' Travel and Location themed collection.  They have all sorts of fun ones in this category, for both guys and girls.  As they are a California-based company, I found a few really cute Cali-themed shirts to choose from, but ultimately chose this simple Women's Retro Cali Tee in blue (the shirt, like most of the ones on Merch Nerds, comes in a few color options).  Oh, and the price-point is great!  You'll want to pick up a few for yourself, and maybe even a gift for your guy as well.


Your Little One will LOL at Elephant and Piggie: We are In a Play! at ZACH

Photo credit: Kirk Tuck
The latest theatre for families production at ZACH Theatre in Austin, TX is the perfect date night idea with your young children.  The synopsis for ZACH's latest show, Elephant and Piggie: We are In a Play! says to bring your "bestus" friend, so I brought my youngest for a night out at the theatre, just the two of us.  We had the best time, and my little guy was laughing constantly.  The play runs through April 30th.   Click here to get your tickets, and take your little "bestus" for a fun night out!
Just the two of us! 

We have chosen ZACH Theatre in Austin for family date night outings a lot over the last few years.  The theatre for families shows are geared towards young kids (pre-school and younger elementary age), are shorter (for those fidgety littles), and are brightly costumed and very engaging.  Elephant and Piggie was no exception.  Based on the popular Mo Willems book series, the play was full of energy, and interactive for the audience. 


Spring Fashion Must-Haves: The Pieces You Should Add to Your Wardrobe to be Ready for Spring 2017

Watch the video below for Fab Everyday's Spring 2017 fashion tips - the pieces, colors, and accessories you should add to your wardrobe to be ready for spring.  

Shop the pieces in this video (disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, which means I receive commission if you make purchases using the links):


Seeing Stars: Throw a Fabulous Oscar-Watch Party

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a commission.  This does not cost you anything additional, and helps me to keep the rest of my content free, so thank you!
I love, love, love the Academy Awards, and movie award season is one of my favorite times of year.  I don't have a lot of time to go to movies throughout the year, but during award season, we seem to scramble feverishly to see as many of the nominated movies as we can.  It's always a good time!
I also love hosting Oscar-watching parties!  In fact, my very first "big girl" party (décor, specialty food and cocktails, etc.) when living on my own in college was an Oscar party.  I'll never forget it - it was the year Chicago won Best Picture, and it became the first in a many-year tradition of hosting an Oscar party. 
Today I am sharing some details that will hopefully inspire you to have your own fabulous Academy Awards shindig!   
So, before I get into the details for snacks and décor, I have to share the most important activity for an Oscar party: picking the winners!  I always print up ballots, and each guest has to complete one.  You can do this just for fun, or you can raise the stakes by having the guests put money into a pool, and the one with the most correct picks gets to take home the pot!  This year I am using this printable Oscar ballot from SkinnyPop (it goes along with my popcorn and movie theme). 


Pin these now: Easy, Fabulous, Last-Minute Ideas for Valentine's Day

Other things on your mind besides Valentine's Day this year?  Simply too busy to deal yet?  Or did the holiday just straight up sneak up on you?  No need to worry... You're not too late to get into the Valentine's Day spirit!  Today I am sharing a round-up of my favorite last-minute Valentine's Day ideas (for food and drink, activities and crafts, DIY décor, and Valentine's cards and gifts).  Oh, and they are all fabulous (of course), and easy (my fave).  For more inspiration, follow my Valentine's Day inspiration board on Pinterest, but read on for some of my favorite, last-minute ideas!

Food and Drink
The first idea is one of the easiest: make heart-shaped food and treats for every meal on V-Day!  This is much easier than you think with a heart cookie cutter or mold.  I share lots more ideas like this in my Heart Everything: Heart-Shaped Food for Every Valentine's Day Meal post.


Heart Everything: Heart-Shaped Food for Every Valentine's Day Meal

I am getting into the Valentine's Day spirit this month something fierce!  I think my recent obsession with pink in my wardrobe combined with all the festive inspiration on Pinterest has me really feeling the love. 
I have noticed that something can become immediately more romantic when shaped like a heart, so in today's post, I am highlighting some easy heart-shaped food items that you can make for any and all of your Valentine's Day meals.  For more Valentine's Day food and cooking inspiration, check out this post with three Valentine's Day dinner menu ideas, but today's post is dedicated to #hearteverything.  Just like #pumpkineverything in the fall, why not show the love with #hearteverything for Valentine's Day?
Breakfast and dessert seem to be the easiest meals to incorporate heart shapes.  Here are several ideas for heart-shaped breakfasts.


Three Valentine's Day Menus - Romantic Meals You Can Make at Home

The hubs and I have a tradition of making dinner at home for Valentine's Day.  There are lots of benefits to doing it this way.  First, you beat the waits and crowds at local restaurants.  Second, you save a lot of money by preparing your meal at home (which frees up money for things like our next vacation).  Third, cooking and food are very romantic, and being in the comfort of your own home adds to this.

But Valentine's Day isn't just another weeknight home-cooked dinner for us.  We always step it up a notch by making more of a gourmet meal, with more courses than we'd make on an average night.  Even then, we still save a ton of money compared to the more expensive prix fixe meals many restaurants serve on V-Day. 

Today I am sharing three of our favorite dinner menus that we have made at home for Valentine's Day in recent years.  I hope these inspire your own at-home romantic meal this year!

Fab Everyday Valentine's Dinner Menu One: Lighter Gourmet