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Travel Tuesday: Thailand Street Food

Travel and food are pretty much synonymous to me.  A significant way that I experience a culture is through its food.  I especially love street food!  Not only is it a cost-effective way to try a lot of the local fare, but it is often some of the tastiest food I eat during a trip abroad! 

A Bangkok street food vendor making up a bowl of heaven in Thong Lo

I have to say that Thailand has the best street food that I have had so far.  It also happens to be some of the cheapest I have had, which means that I had a lot of amazing meals in Thailand without spending a lot of money.  Today I will share some of this #foodporn with you, along with some recommendations on what to try when you visit Thailand.  For more recommendations for a trip to Thailand, check out this post here of our honeymoon in Thailand.

These hands make up a pretty epic papaya salad

You can honestly feast on street food in Thailand.  Selections range from entrée dishes (such as pad Thai, curry, and Thai fried rice), to glorious soups and salads, to finger foods (such as satay, short ribs, spring rolls, and fried prawns).  Some of our favorites (in addition to those mentioned above) are som tan (papaya salad), sai krok isan (sausage), and kuay jap (a pork noodle soup).

Where to get some of the best street food:
  • Bangkok: While there is a lot of great street food in Bangkok at the markets and on Sukhumvit, I found the street food jackpot to be in Thong Lo.  Bonus- it's easily accessible from the Sky Train.
  • Chiang Mai: Any of Chiang Mai's night markets are a street food mecca.  You can also find great street food near the palace and other tourist attractions.
  • Khao Lak: We have stayed in Khao Lak (about an hour north of Phuket on the Andaman Sea) a few times, and have found the local street food haven to be the Bang Niang market.

Some of the selection at the Bang Niang market in Khao Lak
Noodle soup with pork from a street vendor in Bangkok
Adorably displayed rice with some spicy curry at a Chiang Mai night market
Pork short ribs with a sweet Thai chili sauce
Who says you need to wait and sit down to enjoy your grub?  The hubs sure didn't...
We are big fans of the other white meat.  This fried pork was delicious!
Fresh papaya salad from the market in Khao Lak
You can't forget about the amazing selection of fresh fruit and vegetables too!

Where have you found some of the world's best street food?  Comment below (because I will want to go there!). 

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Ping said...

Oh man! I can't wait to be in Bangkok again, especially for the street food! So glad to see you love the food there too. I think it ranks the best so far. Since you are a foodie, you got to go to Penang, Malaysia. It's has a mild taste taste to the food there but food heaven for sure. The clay pot chicken (Chinese Malay style food) is simply out of this world! And for juices, the nutmeg juices was something that I came to enjoy. Yeah, never thought of nutmeg juice before. I could go on and on, haha!