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Instagram vs. Reality: Super Mom is not who you think she is

I'm one of those people who's social media profile is filled with the "highlight reel" of my life.  You know, the house with the white furniture, the kids always smiling like angels, and seemingly perpetually traveling somewhere exotic, or eating somewhere fancy.  My pictures are always filtered, and it might seem like my hair is never out of place. 
The fact that my social profile looks this way is fine with me... I feel strongly that people have a right to post what they want on their own profiles, as it is their space.  And being the definition of an optimist, I prefer to post positive, happy, pretty things in my space.  But that's just me, and I don't expect others to be the same way in their space.
Though recently, a few things happened that struck me.  The first was at a neighborhood holiday party, where (after a few glasses of wine) a neighbor gal that I was having fun with confessed that she was intimidated by me.  She follows Fab Everyday and is friends with me on social media.  My posts and lifestyle inspiration blog content gave her an impression of me that made her feel intimidated!  It saddened me, because to me, that is the opposite of what Fab Everyday is about (but more on that later).

The other was a few days before this party.  I had posted this image on Instagram and in a blog post featuring my holiday mantel décor:
I (gratefully) received a lot of nice comments and feedback on the décor.  I can't remember the exact comment, but someone said something to the effect of everything I do being "perfect."  While I did appreciate the compliment, this struck me, because perfection is also not what Fab Everyday is about. 
As these events happened during a time of year that can be very stressful and full of high expectations (often put on us by ourselves), I felt compelled to share a behind-the-scenes view of my life.  The part that gets cropped out on Instagram.  The fact that while my mantel may have looked impeccable, in reality, the living room floor just below it was littered with crumbs from snack time, toy cars, LEGO bricks, stray Nerf bullets, and random plushies. 
Here is a glimpse of the reality that often lives just beyond the crop and filters of Instagram:
So, now you see that "Super Mom" really isn't what you think she is.

But does that make her any less super?

I do consider my life to be fabulous... but it's not perfect.  I feel this is an important reminder, and what I feel that Fab Everyday is truly about. 
I won't lie... it is flattering that some may think that I live a chic and stylish life.  But please be reminded that I, like many of you, am a busy mom who lives in the real world.  This is evidenced by the snapshot above, which I took while setting up the shots of my mantel for my blog post.  I imagine this is a familiar sight for many of you, and I hope others can identify with me on this one.

The reason I am sharing this is to let you know the true inspiration behind the blog and what I share. Fab Everyday is not about being perfect in everything all of the time.  It is about inspiring and incorporating fabulousness into your everyday life.  It is a reminder that you can still have nice, pretty things (if that's important to you) even with messy kids and a busy (read: crazy) schedule.

Fab Everyday is not about having it all.  It's about prioritizing what is important to you.  That means sometimes cutting corners, budgeting in areas, DIYing things to save the money (or conversely, buying things to save the time), and being willing to let go of the things and details that are not worth your stress.  This balance allows you to put the effort into the things that do give you pleasure.

So, I hope that you take what inspiration you can from Fab Everyday, knowing that what I share is usually easy and accessible for the busy person, and leave the rest.  Whether it's fashion, cooking, travel, home décor, entertaining, or crafting that inspires you to live a bit more fabulously, I'll have you covered.  But you don't have to feel pressured to do it all!  And please don't be fooled into thinking that my highlight reel means that the rest of my life doesn't include the usual craziness, messiness, and stress of being just another busy mom. 

Finally, don't be intimidated when you see a beautiful post on Instagram.  Be inspired and empowered!  There's more to the poster's life than the highlight reel, and that's OK. 

Thanks for your support throughout my pursuit of fabulousness, and here's to you in yours!


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