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Holiday Beverage Recipes: Add some Hot Ruby to your Thanksgiving Menu

Disclosure: I received a sample of Hot Ruby for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  I was not financially compensated for this post.

Mix up the beverages on your holiday menu with Hot Ruby, a cranberry and citrus cider infused with cinnamon and clove.  Read that again... those ingredients just scream holidays!  If you're looking for some new beverage ideas for your holiday menus, I have some great Hot Ruby drink recipes that would be great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a cool winter evening. 

But this drink comes with a back story!  It was created by Ruby Faye of South Plains, Texas 45 years ago.  Today, it's still made with the same natural ingredients (no artificial preservatives or coloring!), and in the same method.  Hot Ruby is good on its own, served hot.  In fact, that's the traditional way Ruby always served it.  But it can be served chilled over ice, simply with non-alcoholic mixers like ginger ale or club soda, or with your choice of liquor for some unique cocktails. 

I'd be lying if I didn't say that the drink appealed to me instantly because of the name (my middle name is Ruby).  But the name aside, this is a delicious juice cocktail, and is perfect for the holidays. 

Here is a Hot Ruby cocktail recipe, and a kid-friendly, non-alcoholic punch recipe (recipe sources:  Visit to see where you can buy Hot Ruby for yourself, and give one of these a try.  You can also purchase Hot Ruby online and see more recipe ideas on the website.

Ruby in Manhattan (alcoholic)

Mix 1 oz. Hot Ruby with 1 oz. bourbon.  Pour into your favorite cocktail glass and garnish with cranberries. 

Hot Ruby Punch #1 (non-alcoholic)

Mix 2 parts Hot Ruby with 1 part chilled ginger ale.  To make it more festive for my kiddos, I added some whipped cream and a few cranberries as a garnish.

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