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Easy (and Cute) Kid's Ornament Crafts

I've got a way for you to keep those little hands busy, while also creating some pretty Christmas ornaments!  When you are done, they make great, thrifty gifts, or you can use them on your own tree (they are cute enough!).
I was inspired by this BHG article on 20 Ways to Dress Up Plain Christmas Ornaments, and decided to try a few with the boys for a festive Christmas craft activity.  We also made up a few of our own in the same theme.  The boys really enjoyed this activity, and since it is a pretty fool-proof craft, none of us got frustrated at any point.  Here's what we did, and how we did it. 
What you need:
  • Clear plastic ornaments (glass would work too, but plastic is a safer route for little kids)
  • Glittery craft pom pons (holiday or winter tones)
  • Tinsel
  • Holiday colored shredded paper or confetti
  • Glittery chenille pipe cleaners (holiday or winter tones)
  • Sequins (holiday or winter tones)
  • Spray paint (holiday or winter tones)
  • Carefully remove the tips from the ornaments so that you can put them back on later
  • One at a time, have the children fill each ornament with a different filler (see instructions for each type of ornament with the photos below)
  • Pom pon ornaments: Fill the plastic ornament with different sizes and colors of glitter pom pons.  Complementary color combinations: silver/gold/white, green/red/white, blue/teal/white/silver.  Fill the ornament all the way, or partially.  Either will have a lovely effect.
  • Tinsel ornaments: Snip a 2-inch piece of tinsel (silver, gold, red, or green) and stuff inside the plastic ornament.  Once it's stuffed inside, it spreads itself out.
  • Confetti ornament: Fill a plastic ornament with shredded filler paper or confetti.
  • Sequin ornaments: Fill a plastic ornament with different sizes and colors of sequins.  Complementary color combinations: blue/silver, blue/white, red/green, red/white, green/silver, green/gold, gold/white.
  • Pipe cleaner ornaments: Stuff coiled or folded chenille pipe cleaners inside a plastic ornament.  You can mix and match colors and textures, but I recommend including some glittery chenille pipe cleaners.
  • Spray painted ornaments (adults should help with this one): Spray 1-2 quick sprays of one color of spray paint into the inside of the plastic ornament, then roll around so the paint coats part of the inside.  Repeat with 1-2 quick sprays of a second color on the inside.  As long as you don't have a lot of excess paint dripping inside, the kids can twist and roll the ornament around to spread the colors.  If there is a lot of paint on the inside, then you may wish to pour some out so that the kids don't make a mess.

For more easy kid's crafts like this, follow my Holiday Children's Crafts board on Pinterest.


Your Holiday Looks are All Wrapped Up! Fab Everyday's 2016 Holiday Outfit Guide

It's that time of year!  In addition to the tradition, merriment, and memory-making, the holidays also mean lots of gatherings, entertaining, and photo opps.  AKA, lots of ideal opportunities to showcase some fall/winter 2016 style!  In today's post I am sharing some holiday style inspo for all your upcoming fetes and family affairs. 
For Thanksgiving, why not go for a cozy sweater dress?  Bonus points if you can incorporate some of fall 2016's key colors, like burgundy or navy blue/indigo.  My pick for this year is this indigo and oxblood striped turtleneck side-slit sweater and these navy blue Ronny booties (both from JustFab).  If you're not a member of JustFab yet, click here to join (disclosure: this is an affiliate link, which means I receive commission from JustFab if you sign-up using the link)!
Tree Lighting / Trail of Lights

This couldn't be a fall/winter 2016 style round-up without the season's de rigeur OTK boots.  When you're out about town, you can rock these taupe Kareena over-the-knee boots from JustFab with this equally sassy cold shoulder cable knit shift dress from Express.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is usually an opportunity to blend some festive with some casual in your look.  I opted for this red, pleated cold shoulder blouse and skinny dark denim leggings from Express.  The look is tied together with these Mix No. 6 red patent pumps from DSW (they are a steal at $30!). 
Christmas Day

I don't know about you, but Christmas Day is always the more formal day for me.  Here's a festive-but-classy ensemble to inspire your Christmas dinner and entertaining looks.  It starts with this berry-colored mock-neck lace bodysuit and black pleated midi-skirt from Express, and is topped with these glittery Mix No. 6 Mary Janes from DSW. 

 New Years Eve

An outfit for a NYE fete must be sparkly!  Like Hansel circa 2001, metallic gold is so hot right now.  I fell in love with this cut-out sequin shift dress from Express the moment I saw it, and knew that I would be wearing this on New Years Eve.  For shoes: metallic gold strappy sandals, or mixing metallics with a silver shoe would work equally well. 


I want to see how you rock your holiday looks!  Use hashtag #FabEveryday to show me your fab holiday looks on social media, and tag @fabeverydayblog if your look was inspired by today's post. 


Three easy IKEA hacks! DIY craft projects from the new I Modify IKEA book

 Disclosures: I received a sample of this book for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience using the book.  This post also contains affiliate links, which means I may receive commission if you make a purchase using one of the links.
If you're a home DIYer like me, then you are probably no stranger to the idea of IKEA hacks.  If you're not familiar, they are ideas for modifying the budget-friendly IKEA furniture and accessories to create something unique, custom, and imaginative.  I recently received a book to review that is full of easy IKEA modification projects!  The book, I Modify IKEA by Elyse Major and Charlotte Rivers (you can purchase it on Amazon here), is a must for the budget-conscious DIYer and home décor enthusiast.  But fair warning... this book may result in many new weekend projects!  When I first sat down with the book, I dog-eared a good dozen projects on my first pass! 
I Modify IKEA is also a great gift idea for the crafty person in your life, the IKEA lover in your life, or the new student in your life who's in their first place and looking to create something a little unique in their space.  You can find it on Amazon here, just in time for holiday gifting!
This past weekend I tried three different projects from the book.  All of them were incredibly easy, and all three were completed in the same day.  I was able to create something for myself, as well as two other projects as housewarming gifts for my good friend who just moved to town. 
Ulysses Press gave me permission to share the steps for these three projects with you all so that you can see examples of how easy and great the book's projects are.  While I stuck to a few accent décor pieces, the 50 projects in the book range from accents, to toys, to furniture, to even brand new pieces using IKEA parts.  Give one or more of these easy projects a try, then check the book out for yourself!
Designed by: Elyse Major
Excerpt from: I Modify Ikea, Ulysses Press

Inexpensive clear glass candleholders are encrusted with glass glitter to add a touch of stylish sparkle wherever they are placed.


TIME: 30–60 MINS


1. Using a foam brush, apply a broad, even stroke of decoupage glue/sealer to the exterior of the glass candleholder. 

2. Carefully pour glass glitter over the decoupage glue/sealer to cover then shake- off any excess. Allow it to set. 

3. Apply your next stroke of decoupage glue/sealer, working as close to the finished strip as possible, and add glitter as before. It is easier to achieve full coverage by applying wide rows of decoupage glue/sealer rather than spreading and rolling. 

4. Continue until the outside of the glass is completely covered in glitter. Fill any gaps with dabs of glue and sprinkles of glitter.

5. Apply a light application of acrylic coating spray to set the glitter. Lay newspaper down to prepare an area outdoors, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best spraying results. Apply additional coat(s) of spray, if needed, leaving to dry in between coats, and before use.

HACK HINT: Work over a paper plate to catch excess glitter. Roll the plate into a funnel to return glitter to the bottle, checking first that there is no glue mixed in.
Fab Everyday hint: If you use a really fine glass glitter (I found this blue one at a craft store), you can also roll the candle holder in the glitter to get an even coat.  The IKEA glass glitter is thicker (and has great sparkle and dimension - as you'll see in the next picture), therefore won't roll on like this.

Fab Everyday hint: Like the instructions suggest, you will definitely need additional coats of Mod Podge and glass application to get a nice even coverage.

Designed by: Charlotte Rivers
Excerpt from: I Modify Ikea, Ulysses Press 

For this project, take a pair of tealight holders and cover them in gold leaf. Adding gold leaf is a great way to make an item look instantly sophisticated.

CLEAR GLASS, $2.99/5 PACK (Fab Everyday project note: I couldn't find GLASIG at my local IKEA, so I used another GALEJ tealight holder, as well as UPPEHÅLL votive candle holders instead)


HACK HINT: When applying gold leaf, make sure your hands are clean and dry. Wash off any glue as you go to avoid the leaf sticking to your fingers.

1. First cut the gold leaf into pieces that area
of a manageable size using a craft knife. Here, the gold leaf is cut to the depth of the tealight holder.

2. Apply the glue (supplied with the gold leaf kit) to the outside of the tealight holder. Apply a small amount at a time, just as
much as you need for the first piece of leaf you are going to apply.

3. Now start to apply your gold leaf to the tealight holder, one small piece at a time. Handle the leaf carefully and press very gently to secure it to the glass. Do not press or rub too hard, as this will tear the leaf.

4. Continue applying gold leaf around each tealight holder. You can use a paintbrush to lightly rub the leaf onto the glass as
you go.

Fab Everyday hint: I didn't find a regular gold leaf kit, so I used liquid, paint-on gold leaf.  Please note that doing it this way will require a layer of acrylic coating spray to seal it after your final coat has dried.

Fab Everyday hint: If you use liquid gold leaf, I recommend keeping your paint strokes the same direction to match regular gold leafing.

Fab Everyday hint: I found that with the paint-on gold leaf, that one single layer of paint mimicked regular gold leafing nicely, so I stuck with only one coat of the gold paint.

Designed by: Charlotte Rivers
Excerpt from: I Modify Ikea, Ulysses Press
This is a great way to transform a simple terracotta plant pot, before using it to pot your plant. Its small size is ideal for brightening up a window ledge, or it can be used as a centerpiece for an outdoor dining table.





VARIATION: As an alternative to diamonds, why not try a simple striped pattern? Simply add your tape in equally spaced stripes, spray as before, and remove the tape when completely dry. You could even add a striped saucer, too.

1. Begin by cutting strips of tape with an X-Acto knife and lay them down on your plant pot at a slight angle, about 1 inch (2.5 cm) apart, one after the other. As
the pot is tapered, the tape will sit closer together at the bottom than it does at the top, leaving a smaller gap of approximately 5/8 inch (1.5 cm) between each piece.

2. Once you have finished laying tape in one direction, begin laying a second round of
tape over the first in the other direction to
create diamond shapes within the gaps. You may find it is necessary to adjust the tape, depending on the gaps created, to get the desired pattern.

3. Finally, tape around the top rim of the pot to protect it when you spray it. 

4. Lay down newspaper to prepare an area outdoors for spray-painting. Take your
white spray paint and spray evenly all around the pot, then allow the pot to dry for approximately 1 hour.

5. Once the pot is completely dry, carefully remove the tape. Start with the tape on the rim, then remove the top layer of tape, and finally remove the bottom layer.

Fab Everyday hint: You can use regular scissors to cut the electrical tape instead of an X-Acto knife.

Fab Everyday hint: Press the tape down firmly before spray painting to avoid paint getting under the tape.

Fab Everyday hint: Try using chalky finish spray paint for a soft and slightly textured look that complements the terra cotta nicely. 

Fab Everyday hint: Apply the spray paint with the pots upside down so that you don't end up with uneven paint on the inside of the top of the pot.

Fab Everyday hint: Don't worry if the paint runs a little, or if the pattern isn't perfect... these little details are part of what makes something custom and homemade even more special!

Get your copy of I Modify IKEA on Amazon here, and tag @fabeverydayblog on social media in any projects you create!  I'd love to see what you make!