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Classy Man Cave: Texas Longhorn-Themed Game Room Decor

My husband is a huge Texas Longhorns fan.  Like, seriously huge.  We actually had a reference to Texas football in our wedding vows.  And the string quartet played Texas Fight when the groomsmen and he walked down the aisle.  With the first Longhorn football game of the season this weekend, I thought it would be good timing to share the décor of our Texas Longhorn-themed game room.
Obviously, it was a no-brainer that our game room would be decked out in burnt orange.  The hubs wanted a Longhorn man cave to watch college football game days (when not at a game).  Just like when we did G's burnt orange and gray Longhorn-themed nursery, I wanted the space to be classy and coordinated, and to feel unique and customized.  As always, I also wanted to do it on a budget.  This required repurposing some of the art and furnishings we already had, going to IKEA for cost-effective additions, then supplementing them with a few nicer accents.
We started with painting the walls gray (I love the combination of gray, orange, and white).  We also used some of our existing cherry colored furniture (cherry looks great with burnt orange) as a starting point to the room's furnishing. 
Here's how it all came together:
We used some existing Longhorn art that we had collected over the years.  We framed them all in cherry or white IKEA Ribba frames (different sizes as needed) to give the room décor some consistency.

We used the extra large Ribba frames to frame jerseys for all six of the retired Texas Longhorn numbers.  We collected the jerseys over time, finding some on eBay, until we finally got all of them this year.  Looking for deals on the jerseys and framing them ourselves with IKEA frames saved us a lot of money compared to purchasing framed jerseys, or having them professionally framed. 

Cherry stained wood furniture, dark brown naugahyde couches, and burnt orange throw pillows... oh, and real longhorn steer horns.  Yes, I have longhorn horns on my wall. 

Most of the wood furniture was made and stained for me by my father.  I am lucky to have such wood-working talent in my family!

My husband had some Earl Campbell autographed magazines that we were able to frame in IKEA Ribba frames to match the rest of the wall art.
We painted the back of the bookcases burnt orange for a subtle pop of color peeking out behind the books and DVDs.
We repurpose some of the art from G's Longhorn nursery (since we recently transitioned it into an Avengers-themed big boy room), which were already in white Ribba frames.  On the bookshelves we also placed other Longhorn mementos, like a hook 'em hands sculpture and an NCAA National Championship ring replica. 

A classy game room would not be complete without a nice lamp.  We got a stained glass Tiffany-style Longhorns table lamp, similar to this one from Amazon (affiliate link).
We have wooden Longhorn cooler that helps keep the beer cold on game day.  This model is available on Amazon here (affiliate link).

This budget-friendly IKEA Dudero floor lamp provides an accent in the corner of the room.

I DIYed a UT/Austin subway style scroll poster.  You can find similar options on Etsy.

More repurposed art from G's Longhorn nursery mixed with some other Longhorn art we had. The repurposed art was already framed in Ribba frames, so they coordinated easily. 

We got this cherry finish expandable bar cabinet from Amazon (affiliate link) for the room so that we can host a mean game watching party in the man cave. 

I am pretty happy with how the room has come together.  More importantly, the hubs is really proud of it.  See, even your man cave can be fab!


Papi Cruz said...

Thank you for the mention baby girl. You've done a wonderful job with that room. Your explanation will surely help others that may want to imitate your idea with their favorite team or theme.

Sandy KS said...

The room looks like it has come together. You can tell someone likes sports and which one. It looks great!!