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Fab Everyday's New Recipe Keepers - Part II (The Lighter Side)

In this post earlier this week, I shared a round-up of some of my new favorite tried-and-true recipes.  Today I am continuing with more of my new recipe keepers, but ones that are lighter and healthier. 

But first, I am excited to announce that I have been invited to be an AllrecipesAllstar Brand Ambassador!  This is a voluntary position, and I’m not compensated for my work with  I will get to receive products from advertisers that I will use for experienced-based reviews on my personal blog, and I will have the chance to try and review even more recipes from (which is already one of my favorite recipe sites).  In my role as an AllrecipesAllstar, as well as with anything I publish and review on Fab Everyday, the reviews, content and opinions expressed are all my own.

I am honored to have been invited and chosen for this ambassador role for a site and brand that I love and admire so much.  Stay tuned for lots more recipe goodness to come from me here, as well as over on Allrecipes (you can follow me on Allrecipes here).

Here is my latest new favorite recipe round-up.  These ones are on the lighter side!

Sweet and Sour Turkey Meatballs
Recipe source: Will Cook for Smiles

These tasty meatballs have the flavor of the fried takeout dish that inspired it, but without the guilt!  You can make it even lighter by using a Truvia brown sugar substitute like I do.  Get the recipe here.

Rotini with Beef and Beans
Recipe source: Better Homes and Gardens

A pasta dish that's under 400 calories per serving?  Yes, please.  Multi-grain pasta makes this better for you, and it's protein-packed thanks to the steak and beans.  Get the recipe here.

Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Spaghetti Squash
Recipe source: Recipe Runner

Image source: Recipe Runner

Tastes decadent, but it's low carb!  For my Tex Mex-loving, health-conscious husband, this recipe is a dream come true.  Get the recipe here.

Goat Cheese and Avocado Toast
Recipe source: Love and Olive Oil

This is the perfect quick weekend lunch.  Light but delicious, and you can skip the crushed red pepper when you make it for the kids.  Get the recipe here.

Over-Stuff'd Avocado
Recipe source: Muscle and Fitness

This is another go-to weekend lunch for our family.  I usually sub a can of chunk chicken for the tuna (the hubs isn't a huge fan of chunk tuna), and it's still overflowing and delicious.  Another good substitute for the tuna is canned shrimp.  Get the recipe here.

One Pan Mexican Quinoa
Recipe source: Damn Delicious

Image source: Damn Delicious

This one is so full of flavor, and so easy.  You wouldn't even notice it was meatless and healthy since it is so hearty and tasty.  Get the recipe here.

Greek Chicken Cutlets
Recipe source: Martha Stewart

Image source: Martha Stewart

Healthy, delicious, and quick.  What more could you ask for in a weeknight dinner?  Get the recipe here.

Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers
Recipe source: Damn Delicious

If you have some leftover dry quinoa after making the One Pan Mexican Quinoa referenced earlier in the post, you should make this one too.  The filling is so flavorful that my family is lucky it made its way into the bell peppers with all my taste-testing during the prep.  Get the recipe here.

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Fab Everyday's New Recipe Keepers - Part I

If you follow my blog, you know that food and cooking are big parts of my life, along with my other pursuits of fabulousness (fashion, travel, entertaining, and home décor).  In case you are wondering, yes, the photo above is an accurate depiction of me in the kitchen most evenings - stilettos and all.  Kidding - I usually take the heels off first. 

If you follow me on social media, then you see my #DinnerTonight posts, where I share the recipes I am making for dinner that night.  I love trying out new recipes for my family and me to enjoy, and I especially love it when I find something that is 1) delicious, and 2) easy to make.  I share these recipes with my followers to not only help inspire your meal planning (see my tips on how to meal plan like a boss here), but also to take the guess work out of trying new recipes out for your family.  It's always better to find recipes that are tried and true, right?

I have shared collections of my favorite recipes here before - in fact, I've been sharing recipe round-ups since the earliest days of my blog.  You can check some of them out here:

This week I am sharing a few round-ups of some of my new "keeper" recipes.  Today, I am sharing a general round-up, then on Friday I will share a round-up of my new favorite healthy recipes, so stay tuned!

Skillet Chicken with Bacon White Wine Sauce
Recipe source: Pinch of Yum

This one cooks up deliciously in my Le Creuset French oven!  The whole family loves this one.  How could you not when there is bacon involved?  Get the recipe here.

Lemon Chicken Romano
Recipe source: Cooking Classy

Crispy, cheesy, but also with a lightness of taste thanks to the citrus.  Get the recipe here.

Rustic Chicken with Apples and Bacon
Recipe source: Seasons and Suppers

Again... bacon.  And another excuse to use my Le Creuset.  Get the recipe here.

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Bell Peppers
Recipe source: She's the Bross

These are scrape-the-melted-cheese-from-the-bottom-of-the-pan good.  And low carb to boot!  Get the recipe here.

Cheryl's Fancy Pants Chicken
Recipe source: Epicurious

Another cheesy, tasty one.  This one gets my vote of approval because of the prosciutto.  I love prosciutto.  Get the recipe here.

Marsala Chicken with Sage and Cremini Mushrooms
Recipe source: Martha Stewart

This one is both easy and delicious.  Plus, it's a great chance to use fresh sage if you grow it in your herb garden like I do.  Get the recipe here.

The Best Ever Truffle Mac and Cheese
Recipe source: Meg O. On the Go

This is pure decadence.  I recommend this for a holiday meal or other special occasion.  Get the recipe here.

Crock Pot Whole Chicken
Recipe source: Genius Kitchen

This recipe changed me.  Seriously.  I had no idea that you could do a whole chicken in a crock pot.  Not only can you, but it is foolproof - the moistest, easiest whole chicken you will ever make.  I will never roast a whole chicken in the oven again.  This recipe is special due to it's great seasoning blend, which has a kick.  I cook it on top of a bed of chopped onions and potatoes to raise the chicken up a bit from its juices as it cooks.  Get the recipe here.

Stay tuned for the round-up of my favorite new healthy recipes this Friday, and don't forget to pin this post for reference later!

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A fab gift for that fab man in your life... JORD Wood Watches review and coupon giveaway!

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.  The opinions are my own.
While most of the fashion and style posting I do is about women's style, there's a likelihood that a lot of my female followers have a man in their life who likes fabulous things as well, and who they occasionally need to buy gifts for.  I know that's true for me.  While I am fortunate that the hubs is a stylish guy, it can also be difficult finding the perfect gift for him, since he has such a discerning sense of style himself.  I should also mention that the hubs is a total watch guy.  Watches to him are like shoes or handbags to me.  He only likes quality, stylish pieces, and likes to find a unique watch that won't be on every wrist we see while out and about.  He's actually been spying wooden watches recently, but found the ones he'd seen were too rustic for his style.  This is not the case with the men’s watch I found him at JORD Wood Watches!

JORD is a creator of luxury, modern minimalist watches.  They carry both men's watches and women's watches at reasonable prices for fine watches.  They offer a number of different combinations of strap and face styles in different color combinations (for both the wood and the faces).   For my husband, I chose the Frankie Series Watch in Dark Sandalwood and Emerald.  This is one cool watch. 

The rich, dark color of the sandalwood gives it some versatility.  It can easily be worn casually or formally.  The boldness of the emerald and gold face speaks to the confidence and style of the wearer.  My husband loves it, not only because it is uber fabulous and unique men's watch, but also because it's very light compared to metal watches.  Another thing I noticed, which might make me consider a wooden women's watch for myself, is that these would be great for those (like me) with sensitive skin who are prone to allergic reactions from some metals. 

GIVEAWAY TIME!  Click here by 11:59 pm CDT on the Sunday, 9/25/16 to enter for a chance to win a $75 coupon to JORD.  Even if you don't win the $75 grand prize, you still win: all entrants will receive a $20 coupon! 
Thanks to JORD Wooden Watches for the opportunity to review this beautiful timepiece.



Travel Tuesday: Adventures in the Pacific Northwest - A Wild Weekend in Oregon

It's been about a month since we returned from Oregon, but for some reason, it feels like it was ages ago already.  The Fab Fam has been super busy with back-to-school and work routines, home décor projects, the start of college football season (and our UT tailgates), and of course, trying to keep up with Fab Everyday's momentum as of late!
But I digress... I promised you a recap of our long weekend in Oregon, so I'll get to it!  I'll preview by saying that the weekend was epic, with adventure at every turn during our brief time there!
My family had an occasion to celebrate that brought us to the Pacific Northwest for a reunion.  I actually lived in Oregon from ages 2-8 (between England, where I was born, and California, where I grew up).  I still have a lot of family in Oregon, including two of my sisters, nephews, nieces, and two great-nieces! 
The hubs and I flew into Portland, where we spent the night before heading to Eugene for the family gathering.  Before we hit the road, we stopped for breakfast at Pine State Biscuits.  In addition to a great cup of coffee, they have (what else) amazing biscuits!  We tried two different biscuit sandwiches: their famous Reggie, and the Wedgie (which included a fried green tomato).   
The Reggie and the Wedgie at Pine State Biscuits in Portland

We went to the location on NE Alberta (in the Alberta Arts District), which was in a super cute, Austin-esque arts district.  I was wearing a new outfit, and fell in love with several walls and backdrops in the area, so to my husband's chagrin, we took quite a few photos before stopping for breakfast!

Here's my Banana Republic Factory stripe 3/4-sleeve romper in front of the first backdrop.  I wore it with my cross-body bag and Yaelis heels from JustFab.  Yaelis is only available in limited quantities- get it before it's gone!

Backdrop number two...

... Number three (my poor husband... he just wanted to be done so he could eat his biscuits!)...

... and we have a winner!  How fab are all these walls in Portland's Alberta Arts District, though?

We spent the first full day in Eugene (go Ducks!) for our family reunion.  With my brother being a professional chef, and family members who had previously worked in Japanese restaurants, we feasted and mostly chilled around my sister's house that first day.

Since five out of the six siblings were able to get together for this trip, we knew we had to do something awesome to mark the occasion.  What better way to celebrate getting to see each other than jumping out of an airplane together from 11,000 feet?  We drove back up towards Portland to Mulino, OR to Pacific Northwest Skydiving Center

This was less of a big deal for me, as I was the only one in our jumping group who had done it before.  In fact, this was my third skydive!  And while I have jumped from even higher altitude before, this was a really special skydiving experience.  Not just because of the great company of my siblings, but also because of the scenery!  On our jump, we exited the plane at the same height as nearby Mt. Hood.  We could see eight peaks during our jump, including Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Jefferson!  Having jumped before and knowing what to expect, I feel like I was able to take it in more in the moment.  I was so full of gratitude and joy to have gotten to experience this jump in this gorgeous location. 

The staff at PNW Skydiving were also amazing, and the price was great.  I highly recommend this skydiving center if you are looking for some adventure amidst the incredible scenery of Oregon.

Getting strapped into my tandem gear!

Trying to act calm and cool

My jump group getting ready to fly!

My sister and I are just a little excited at this point

Not so calm anymore!


... we...

... go!

Adrenaline charged!

An experience we will never forget!

Jump buddies!

After the adrenaline wore off a bit, it was back to Eugene, and a home-cooked Puerto Rican meal, for the night.

One of my goals for the weekend was to see some beautiful Oregon scenery.  My sister reminded me "that's everywhere!"  So we had a decision to make for how we would spend our next day.  We decided to drive up to the McKenzie River Trail to see some waterfalls and beautiful lakes.  Unfortunately, Tamolitch Blue Pool was temporarily closed due to some recent fire damage, but there was still plenty of amazing nature for us to see.

After seeing several roadside stands selling berries the day before on the way to and from Mulino, I became obsessed with the idea of getting fresh berries.  We were able to stop for some delicious fresh fruit on our drive to the McKenzie River.

We got delicious, fresh strawberries and frozen blueberries, which were very refreshing on the unseasonably hot day.

First, we decided to do a hike between two of the waterfalls on the McKenzie River, Sahalie and Koosah Falls.  The names mean "heaven" and "sky," so naturally we had to see them for ourselves!

Almost right off the road and the trailhead is Sahalie Falls. 

Look how lush and green it is near Sahalie Falls

The hike between the two waterfalls was about a half mile, with the entire loop around both at about three total miles. 

Beautiful, mossy logs lined the forest along the trail

The giant, ancient pine trees were majestic

Even more stunning to me than the green of the forest was the turquoise blue color of the water, which was also clean and clear

My photographer in action

Pausing to appreciate the scenery

The water became more tumultuous as we approached the second waterfall

We came across Koosah Falls from the top of it!

The view from the top of Koosah Falls

I couldn't get over the color of this beautiful river, even here atop one of the waterfalls!

Sitting at the top of this continuously running fall was a great spot for some quiet introspection

After our group members enjoyed the view from the top of Koosah, we decided to come around the front of it to appreciate it from a different perspective.

The powerful Koosah Falls spills into a beautiful blue pool

We chose our wardrobe color palette rather nicely for the scenery!

With my mommy and two of my sissies!

Even though Tamolitch was closed, we weren't done exploring the area.  We decided to have a picnic dinner at Clear Lake, which was just north of the Sahalie and Koosah Falls trail, and is the headwaters of the McKenzie River. 

Just as it's name would indicate, it is a very clear and blue lake.  It also provides mirrored reflections when the water is just the right amount of calm. 

Mt. Washington in the background of Clear Lake

I love the way the trees reflect on the crystal-clear water

The water was so blue!

The combination of blue water and green trees was a treat for the eyes

From here, we went our separate ways - half of us back to Eugene, and half of us back to Portland to prepare for our various flights home.  I look forward to the next time we get to spend some time in Oregon.  I have a feeling skydiving will end up on the agenda again... who knows, we might have created a new tradition!