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Travel Tuesday: What To Do on A Long Layover in Amsterdam

On our way to Kenya for our amazing safari experience, we chose a flight with long layover in Amsterdam.  We figured it would be a nice way to break up from a long travel day from Houston to Nairobi, and give our whole family the opportunity to see a new city. 

Our layover was about nine hours.  In doing some research, I learned that since Amsterdam's Schiphol airport is centrally-located and has easy access to public transportation, that nine hours was enough time to see some of the city's sights. 

Here are the things we did with the kids during our long layover in Amsterdam.  I hope it inspires you for your quick visit to Amsterdam too!

Getting out of the airport
We were able to leave our luggage in lockers at Schiphol, then take a bus into town.  There is a big bus and train stop at the airport.  You can learn more about public transportation to and from Schiphol here

Based on our timing schedule, we decided to take a bus to town (getting off at the Museumplein stop), then a train from Amsterdam Centraal train station back to the airport later.

Me with the kiddos on our bus from Schiphol airport into Amsterdam.

The two main things I wanted to do in Amsterdam were to visit the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House.  We were able to do both, but were not able to take photos inside, so don't have much to show you visually. 

To go to the Van Gogh Museum, we exited the bus at the Museumplein stop.  We purchased our tickets online in advance, which I highly recommend.  Not only do you not have to wait in the line for tickets, but it is also a big time savings if you have limited time to explore Amsterdam like we did.

The museum was well worth the visit.  They have a huge collection of pieces, including some of Van Gogh's most famous works, like Sunflowers, The Bedroom, The Potato Eaters, and more.  They even had pieces by Monet, Gaugin, and Toulouse-Lautrec.  It was unforgettable to be able to see these pieces in person. 

G walking across the Museumplein park square on our way from the bus stop to the Van Gogh Museum.

The Museumplein park square was lovely, and several people were relaxing in the park and enjoying the day.

I couldn't resist the urge to take a photo with this cool mirrored structure next to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

The only photo we could take in the Van Gogh Museum was at the gift shop.
I have always wanted to see the Anne Frank house, so a visit to the Anne Frank Museum and secret annex was a must.  You should note that the lines for the museum are incredibly long (can be hours long).  I highly recommend that you purchase your tickets online in advance, so you can have a specific entry time and avoid the line.  Though you should also note that the online tickets sell out in advance, so I recommend purchasing at least a month in advance. 

Visiting the house was a powerful and significant experience.  Since our young kids (ages 4 and 6 at the time of the visit) hadn't really heard about the holocaust much yet in their young lives, we tried to prepare them in advance by having conversations about it.  We also read the Who Was Anne Frank children's book (affiliate link) as a family before the trip.  These books are great at educating children on people and subjects in a way that is easier for young kids to understand.  We read the one about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. before our visit to the Lorraine Motel/National Civil Right Museum during our Southern US road trip this year. 

Even having read the book, it was easy to become overwhelmed by the reality and reminders of the holocaust when at the Anne Frank Museum.  It was an emotional visit, but one that was well worth it for both us and the boys. 

Other activities
Canal tours were recommended to us as well, but since we were tired and travel-weary, we decided to spend the rest of our time walking and exploring the canals, and taking stops for rest.  We would have easily had time for an hour-long canal tour given that we didn't have to wait to get into either of the museums, but chose not to.

We had fun just walking around the canals and stopping when we felt like it while working our way towards Central station.  The hubs and I love just wandering around and exploring on our own when we travel, so it was fun to be able to do this with our kids too.

The boys found a place to play for a few minutes.  Luckily it was in the shade, as it was a hot day!
We stopped into a McDonald's for some shade and a cool drink.  The boys were tired, but were troopers!  I think it helped that we stopped as much as we needed.

S and his daddy crossing one of the canals in Amsterdam.

The canals, and the buildings on them, were beautiful!


This is a tower at a church near the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam.

The Basilica of St. Nicholas as seen on our walk to Centraal train station.
View of the city with the Ronde Lutherse Kerk (or Koepelkerk) in the background.

Statue of author Multatuli in Amsterdam.

While walking the canals, you come across a lot of interesting things!  For example, this cow museum and rubber duck store:

Cow Museum in Amsterdam.

Star Wars rubber ducks on sale at the Amsterdam Duck Store.
We stopped for a quick meal for some kebab wraps (we love hole-in-the-walls and street food).  It was pretty good!

The boys chilling.  I love S's pose.

S had fun chasing pigeons in the town squares on the canals.

To keep our energy up, we stopped for coffee (and I do mean regular coffee, not one of the euphemistic "coffee shops" for which Amsterdam is famous).  We had to try the famous Dutch stroopwafels.  Yeah... I see what all the fuss is about.  Letting one sit on top of your cup of coffee melts the caramel filling nicely!  We ended up bringing some home, but were also pleased to discover that they sell them in the international foods section of our local HEB!

The boys asked for lemonade, but ended up getting lemon-lime soda instead.  Since we don't drink much soda, this was a surprising treat for them!
We made our way to Amsterdam Centraal, where we got our tickets for the train back to Schiphol.

On the train back to Schiphol airport.  Even though I was exhausted, I was rather impressed with how my hairstyle held up through all of this, especially since it hadn't been styled since before we left Houston the day before.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a great airport in itself.  Even if you just stay there, there is a lot to do and see, and that includes nice ways to not do anything: the airport includes powernap stations, meditation zones, and a "park" (an indoor green space).  There's even a museum there, though it's currently closed for renovations.  Of course, there are lots of restaurants in every shape and size, too.

I was intrigued by the Starbucks at Schiphol airport.  They had an "evenings" menu that included wine.  The Starbucks staff were really sweet to us, and even gave the boys complimentary chocolate coins with their hot cocoa. 

While we didn't end up buying them, I have to at least get a photo of one of my babies in some Dutch wooden shoes!  S was happy to pose for me.

It was a very quick trip, but I was happy with how much we were able to see in our short time in the Netherlands.  We will be back someday, and look forward to getting to spend more time in Amsterdam in the future.


Fall Transition Business Attire: Some of My Favorite New Looks for the Office

Since it will still be warm for a few more months in Central Texas, I have been supplementing my work wardrobe with some transitional pieces for fall.  Specifically, I have been looking for pieces that provide an update to stay on trend that will also work with the changing weather.  Today I want to share some of my favorite new fall transition business looks. 

Look #1:
Express is one of my favorite places to shop for work clothes.  The Editor pant (which Express calls America's best fitting pant) has been a staple in my work wardrobe for the last 10 years.  Express also tends to have a great selection of business-appropriate tops that still feel young and trendy. 

On point with fall's tie-neck blouse trend is this Deep Rounded V Tie Neck Tank in Berry from Express, which I have paired with Express' Low Rise Editor Ankle Pant.  No necklace needed thanks to the blouse's neck tie, which can be left done simply like I did, or in a bow.  The simple, sleek look is great topped with some simple, black patent pumps.

Look #2:
You all know I love JustFab for shoes and accessories, and even for some of my casual Friday outfits.  They also have professional attire in of-the-moment trends.  If you're not a member of JustFab yet, click here to join (disclosure: this is an affiliate link, which means I receive commission from JustFab if you sign-up using the link)!


This whole outfit, from the top, to the skirt, to the shoes are all from JustFab.  Like my look from Express, the JustFab Front Tie Shirt (shown here in white, but available in a few different colors) has a tie-neck detail.  You can leave it untied and hanging, in a simple knot, or in a bow like I have it here.  I paired it with the Fitted Flare Skirt (a nice silhouette update from the high-waisted pencil skirts I have been wearing this summer), and added some sass with the Forette lace-up pumps.

Look #2:
Banana Republic is another one of my go-to retailers for workwear.  I feel like I can always find something at Banana that fits well and feels chic when I am looking for a new dress for work. 

I found this Banana Republic Ruffle-Front Shift Dress, and fell in love with it for fall (it appears to be sold out, but you can find it on eBay).  The thicker fabric will stand up well as the temperatures start to dip.  The dress is shown here with Nine West's Naela T-Strap Sandals, which feature fall 2016's de rigeur block heel, and is currently on sale for $30!  The simplicity of the dress is contrasted with the metallic t-straps on the shoes. 

Look #2:
You can always count on Neiman Marcus for a high standard of quality in the brands that they carry.  Unfortunately that often comes with a high price tag.  Fortunately, the Laundry by Shelli Segal dresses they carry are easy on the pocketbook.  This dress was on clearance to boot!

This fuchsia Laundry by Shelli Segal 3/4 sleeve shift dress from Neiman Marcus has a longer sleeve, which make it a nice transition piece for the fall.  My accessories of choice for this dress are a gold-toned statement necklace and simpler gold/nude-toned stilettos. 

As I transition more into fall/winter, I will likely be adding embellished pieces, more lace, and more jewel tones.  What trends are you looking forward to for fall 2016?  Do you plan to update your work wardrobe with these trends?  Comment below or hit up @fabeverydayblog on social media to let me know. 


Business Attire Round-Up: My Favorite Work Looks from Tahari ASL

Image Source: Tahari ASL

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tahari ASL.  All opinions are my own.

I have been in the process of revamping my work wardrobe for the new season.  It's still warm in Central Texas, so I am looking for things that can help me transition from the summer to the fall.

I like for my work wardrobe to be youthful and stylish, but of course still business-appropriate.  I was recently introduced to Tahari ASL, which has that great classic chic aesthetic that is perfect for a day at the office, but still feels fun and fabulous.  Bonus: the pricing is also accessible!

Tahari ASL carries separates, suits, and dresses.  Since it will take a few more months to cool down enough for suits, I have been looking to supplement my work wardrobe with some dresses.  Here are some of my favorite pieces on the site:

The Cutout Shoulder Sheath pictured above is what first caught my eye.  The silhouette says "like a boss," and I love that the shoulder cut-outs make it appropriately sassy.  This can also easily go from the office, to a luncheon fundraiser, to a wedding by changing the shoes and accessories. 

Image Source: Tahari ASL

This one has flattering ruching, which is great for accentuating curves in the right way.  I like that the deeper neckline adds some youthfulness, but the cap sleeves balance it out for the office. 

Image Source: Tahari ASL

I love, love, love this one.  The overall silhouette is more traditionally professional, but the contrasting yellow stripe gives it the youthful edge I like in my workwear. 

Image Source: Tahari ASL

This sheath dress is even more contemporary.  The color is youthful and the shape has a 60's mod feel.  Though it has coverage, there is nothing matronly about this dress when worn with the right shoes. 
Image Source: Tahari ASL

This dress also provides enough coverage to be professional, but the graphic print and faux leather trim make it anything but boring.  With this dress you will stand out in the boardroom - but in the right way.

Image Source: Tahari ASL

Shifting gears from the dresses, I love this blouse for the contemporary lace-up feature.  It harkens the more casual boho lace-up trend in a way that is still appropriate for the office, but says "I go to music festivals on weekends."
Since I have to dress business-formal at work, I am pretty apt at this point with putting together my daily business looks.  For those that are less comfortable with styling themselves, I love that the Tahari ASL website has guides in the form of collections, such as Wear to Work, What to Wear to a Wedding, and even Street Style that shows you what pieces would work well from day-to-night.

Whether you're looking to revamp your own work wardrobe, need a new outfit for a wedding or formal event, or just need a few new pieces to supplement your office attire, check out Tahari ASL.


Fab Everyday Travel: Destination Guides

Travel is an important part of my life as an individual and in my family, and as a result, I have a lot of posts about travel here on Fab Everyday.  Some places I have visited more than once, and have written multiple posts about.  And some trips are so diverse that they require multiple posts just to cover everything.  To help better organize travel tips about specific places you might want to visit, I have created Fab Everyday Destination Guides, collections of travel posts covering specific destinations. 

Under the Destination Guides in this post are links to each post related to the specific destination. You'll want to bookmark or pin this post, since I will be adding more Destination Guides over time, and links to new posts under some of the destinations.

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