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Travel Tuesday: What to Wear on Safari - Fab Safari Style for Men, Women, and Kids

The Fab Fam got back from our amazing safari experience in Kenya about a week ago.  Much more on the safari, which was coordinated through Explorateur Journeys, in the coming weeks.  Today I am sharing our family's safari style, which was both fashionable and functional for the week-long expedition. 
I previewed some of my safari looks in this blog post, but today I am sharing the looks in action for not just me, but also my husband and boys. 
Safari Fashion - For Her
I stuck to a rather traditional safari fashion color palette for my looks: white, cream, khaki, and olive green.  I found that the many styles, colors, and fabric options of the Express Portofino shirt seemed as if they were made for safari, so my safari wardrobe consisted of several.  My look also consisted of several pairs of boots, all from JustFab, which you can see specific details on in this blog post (in addition to being reasonably priced and cute, the boots proved to be comfortable and durable while on safari).  If you're not a member of JustFab yet, click here to join so you can get access to all JustFab products at the VIP discount rate (disclosure: this is an affiliate link, which means I receive commission from JustFab if you sign-up using the link)!
Comfortable, layered outfit for the long travel day to Kenya, which included a long layover in Amsterdam (I am in front of the Van Gogh Museum here). Dark gray stitch-detail leggings, short tan boots, gray tank top, and beige cardigan.
The look was accessorized with some jute bangle bracelets and a long necklace.  Instructions for making the DIY jute bracelets are in this blog post here.
Olive green Portofino shirt, light-wash distressed jean leggings, camel-colored boots, accessorized with gold mirror aviators and leather bracelets.
An army green bomber jacket is the top layer of this layered safari look that can be worn three ways. 
With the jacket are dark distressed jean leggings, camel boots, a white roll-sleeved tunic, and beige scarf.
In the heat of the day, the jacket and scarf can be ditched, just leaving the light, convertible-sleeve tunic with the boots and jeans.  Gold mirror aviators accessorize the look to coordinate with the metallic buttons on the shirt.
Distressed olive Portofino top with light khaki leggings, dark brown equestrian-style boots, and layers of dark leather bracelets.
Messy hair, don't care.  It's hard to keep hair tidy in an open-top safari van, but you hardly mind when surrounded by the enchantment of East Africa.
The Maasai Mara gets cool overnight and in the mornings, so a versatile khaki trench came in handy for a quick layer.
White linen three-quarter sleeve button-down top with light khaki leggings, camel boots, and wooden jewelry.
This looked is capped with some large sunglasses.
I did a lot of bracelet layering with my various looks.  This look, which included army green stitch-detail jean leggings, a white tank top, a tan gauzy scarf, and purple-toned aviator sunglasses, had a combination of jute bangles and vintage wooden bangles.  You can see a more complete view of this look at the end of this post.
A loose, comfortable look for a long driving day.  White crochet sweater with white, wide-legged culottes, beige slouchy socks, and short boots accented by a gold necklace and easy top-knot.
Safari Fashion - For Him
My husband's safari wardrobe was inspired by some of the looks in my Fashion - Travel board on Pinterest.  I am lucky to have such a ruggedly handsome man, who also appreciates a well-pulled-together outfit!  Like mine, his wardrobe included a few pairs of boots, several different colors and fits of khaki and olive pants, and some layering to account for the cool mornings and hot days on the East African savanna.  He also wore a few colors of linen, roll-sleeve button-up shirts, but not all are pictured.  Henleys (single and layered) also played into his overall look, but are not pictured much. 
Short-sleeve olive green button-down shirt with gray t-shirt, khakis, and dark lace-up boots.  Accessorized with leather bracelets and aviator sunglasses.
My three handsome, curly-haired boys.
My two oldest boys pausing together in the Maasai Mara.
Khaki button-pocket shirt, with sleeves rolled paired with dark jeans and khaki-colored suede Chukka boots.
A slim-fitting but practical army green jacket layered well over many of the outfits on the cool mornings on safari.
Safari Fashion - For Boys
I probably had the most fun styling and photographing the boys' safari wardrobe. In addition to the beiges, khakis, and browns of traditional safari style, I incorporated more color into their looks.  With G, I experimented with some color blocking and combining shades of gray.  With S, I added a lot more blues to compliment his brown eyes.  One key element for the boys was comfort, not only for the long travel days, but also for the long game-viewing drives.  Practicality was key for their style, as 4 and 6-year-olds do not have the patience to sacrifice any comfort for style.

In the city for visits to the elephant orphanage and giraffe sanctuary, a white fishing shirt with khaki cargos and beige Sperry shoes.

For a long day of driving, a Burberry pocket t-shirt, skinny khaki pants, and Sperry shoes.
Color blocking with a long-sleeved shirt and roll-up shorts.  Cream Converse shoes coordinated nicely with the cream arms of the shirt.
A gray jacket became the key layering piece for cold mornings.  Here it is with a navy polo, cargo pants, and Sperrys.
The gray jacket over an olive-green button-down shirt, and accessorized with Wayfarer sunglasses.
The olive green shirt was paired with gray cargo pants and dark, lace-up boots.

I love these safari dudes.

More color experimentation: long-sleeved teal shirt under an orange polo, with cuffed olive green cargo pants.  Dark lace-up boots, Wayfarer sunglasses, and a carved wooden necklace made by the Samburu complete the look.

My youngest in a layered double-Henley look (navy blue Henley under a tan Henley) with khaki cargo pants, khaki Tom's shoes, and toddler boy aviator sunglasses.

Layering a blue plaid button-down shirt with a blue-gray cable-knit cardigan sweater, brown cargo pants, and dark brown boots.
Distressed, light blue button-down chambray shirt with dark blue cargo pants, and blue two-tone, Sperry-style shoes.

A light sweater in gray and yellow with dark brown cargo pants and dark brown boots.

White short-sleeved fishing shirt with khaki cargo shorts and khaki Tom's shoes.

Finally, comfortable outfits for a long travel day.  Blue cuffed sweatpants with a blue, long-sleeved elephant shirt for S, and green cuffed sweatpants with a green-detail "Adventure is Out There" long-sleeved shirt for my green-eyed G.  The boys are pictured here with a view of the Great Rift Valley in the background.

We were able to keep our daily dressing pretty effortless by organizing outfits in advance of the trip.  We packed with the planned outfits bundled together, along with a post-it note detailing the shoes and accessories we'd wear with the outfit.  This was especially helpful for days we had early game-viewing drives, or when we'd have to pack and depart quickly for the next destination.  We'd just pull out a bundle (along with socks, underwear, shoes, and accessories) and were good to go. 

I hope this post inspires you to see that your family can be both stylish and practical while on safari if that's what you desire.  Pin these photos for your family travel fashion inspiration!

The Fab Fam together at Lake Nakuru in the middle of our week-long safari.