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Travel Tuesday: 10 Safari Outfits

In less than three weeks we will be in Kenya on our safari!  After all the months of planning, I can't believe it is so close.  And you know me... a big piece of planning a big trip is planning the trip wardrobe.  I have spent months styling my outfits, as well as the outfits for the boys. 
I look forward to sharing photos of all these outfits against the backdrop of the East African savannas, but for now, here is a preview of my looks. 
A comfortable travel outfit of a white crocheted top, white wide-legged culottes, beige cable-knit socks, and short boots.  For details on the boots I bought for my safari wardrobe, see this post.

Another travel outfit that includes dark gray leggings, a gray t-shirt tank top, a beige cardigan, short boots, and layers of these DIY jute bracelets that I made.

A layered safari look of a white convertible button-up blouse, dark distressed jeans, camel-colored boots, a tan scarf, and an olive-green jacket, accessorized with wooden bangle bracelets and aviator sunglasses.

Light khaki-colored leggings, a faded green convertible-sleeve top, dark leather bracelets and dark brown boots.

An olive green convertible-sleeve button-up top paired with light distressed jeans, and accessorized with camel boots and wooden jewelry.

Another layered look with wide-leg khaki pants, a white linen button-up shirt, and a double-breasted khaki coat. 

Olive green leggings with a white t-shirt, scarf, dark brown boots, and beaded bracelets.

A comfortable evening outfit of a light taupe slouchy, one-shoulder maxi dress with beige Tom's shoes, a gold and black necklace, and gold-detailed bracelet.

Another evening look with a black convertible-sleeve blouse, olive green skirt, wrap belt, and lace-up sandals.

Wide-leg linen khaki pants, a beige crop top, beige Tom's shoes, layered jute bangle bracelets, and a gold statement necklace.
In addition to sharing photos of my safari outfits, I will also share photos of the boys in their safari wardrobe looks.  Stay tuned!
Thanks for continuing to follow the Fab Fam's #journeytothejourney.  If you'd like to know more about planning your family's own safari experience (or a number of other personally curated travel experiences), visit the Explorateur Journeys website.

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