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Fab Everyday Party Printables

I get a lot of requests for printables from my parties, so I have decided to collect links to all of them in this post.  I hope that these inspire some fabulousness for parties of your own! 

I am offering these printables for free, but would appreciate a follow for @fabeverydayblog on social media (you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Snapchat with that username) in return.  If you post pictures of your parties, tag @fabeverydayblog in them so we can see what you do!  I'd love to retweet or share the fabulousness on my social media sites!  Finally, if you blog about your party, please link back to in your blog posts to credit the printables and inspiration.

Enjoy, and bookmark or pin this post, since I will be adding more printables after future parties.

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Construction Birthday Party Printables
Despicable Me Minion Birthday Party Printables
Dinosaur Birthday Party Printables
Halloween Birthday Party Printables
LEGO Movie Birthday Party Printables
Minecraft Birthday Party Printables
Pokémon Birthday Party Printables
Power Rangers Birthday Party Printables
Rock n' Roll Birthday Party Printables
Thomas and Friends Birthday Party Printables

Construction-Themed 3rd Birthday Party (click here for party details)
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Despicable Me Minion 5th Birthday Party (click here for party details)
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Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party (click here for party details)
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Halloween-Themed Birthday Party (in April) (click here for party details)
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Lego Movie-Themed Birthday Party (click here for party details)
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Minecraft-Themed Birthday Party (click here for party details)
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Pokémon-Themed Birthday Party (click here for party details)
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Power Rangers-Themed Birthday Party (click here for party details)
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Rock n Roll Themed First Birthday Party (click here for party details)
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Thomas and Friends Themed Birthday Party (click here for party details)
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Product Review: The Gussy Waterproof Purse Cover

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  I was not financially compensated for this post.

I love it when I find a product that meets an actual need.  That's what happened when I had the opportunity to review The Gussy, a waterproof handbag cover, meant to protect your purse in the rain or snow. 

The weather has been nuts in Austin this spring.  Since I take the train to work, I do a lot of walking outdoors each day.  I always keep an umbrella and scarf in my purse to protect my hair, clothes, and makeup as dry as I can in case of unexpected rain.  The problem that I find is that my umbrella doesn't always protect my handbag (or its contents since I carry a big, open-topped tote) or laptop bag very well.  It's almost impossible to keep both myself and my handbag dry, which has been a real problem for me this year.  If I have to make a choice to protect my hair or my bag, sorry bag.

Enter The Gussy!  I no longer have to make that devil's bargain.  My umbrella has my hair, and The Gussy has my purse.

Large enough to cover even my giant tote bag (plus my laptop bag at the same time), The Gussy folds up pretty compactly to store easily inside my bag when not in use.  It came in a reusable plastic bag, but I would have preferred that they included a cute bag made of the same fabric for stylish, waterproof storage.  Maybe a future product improvement!

There are three top Velcro straps that allow for quick and easy on and off, but with sufficient coverage for the top of the purse.  They also allow for coverage of purses of multiple shapes and sizes, and different handle spacing. 
The best part?  They are only $20!  Plus, they come in several colors and patterns (from chevron, to skulls, and more) to match several different style aesthetics.  I have the navy blue with polka-dot "Meredith" style.  You can shop all the styles here

The simple design allows for easy on and off, and versatility to cover bags of different shapes and sizes.

The Gussy folds up flat and compact for easy storage.

The Gussy easily covered my giant tote bag completely, and has protected my purse and its contents from the pouring rain in Austin for several days this week.

The Gussy adds some extra style to a rainy day.
You can get your own Gussy cover here.  The low price point makes them a great gift for friends, travelers, grads, or even yourself (get yourself a few styles to match different outfits!).


Travel Tuesday: 10 Safari Outfits

In less than three weeks we will be in Kenya on our safari!  After all the months of planning, I can't believe it is so close.  And you know me... a big piece of planning a big trip is planning the trip wardrobe.  I have spent months styling my outfits, as well as the outfits for the boys. 
I look forward to sharing photos of all these outfits against the backdrop of the East African savannas, but for now, here is a preview of my looks. 
A comfortable travel outfit of a white crocheted top, white wide-legged culottes, beige cable-knit socks, and short boots.  For details on the boots I bought for my safari wardrobe, see this post.

Another travel outfit that includes dark gray leggings, a gray t-shirt tank top, a beige cardigan, short boots, and layers of these DIY jute bracelets that I made.

A layered safari look of a white convertible button-up blouse, dark distressed jeans, camel-colored boots, a tan scarf, and an olive-green jacket, accessorized with wooden bangle bracelets and aviator sunglasses.

Light khaki-colored leggings, a faded green convertible-sleeve top, dark leather bracelets and dark brown boots.

An olive green convertible-sleeve button-up top paired with light distressed jeans, and accessorized with camel boots and wooden jewelry.

Another layered look with wide-leg khaki pants, a white linen button-up shirt, and a double-breasted khaki coat. 

Olive green leggings with a white t-shirt, scarf, dark brown boots, and beaded bracelets.

A comfortable evening outfit of a light taupe slouchy, one-shoulder maxi dress with beige Tom's shoes, a gold and black necklace, and gold-detailed bracelet.

Another evening look with a black convertible-sleeve blouse, olive green skirt, wrap belt, and lace-up sandals.

Wide-leg linen khaki pants, a beige crop top, beige Tom's shoes, layered jute bangle bracelets, and a gold statement necklace.
In addition to sharing photos of my safari outfits, I will also share photos of the boys in their safari wardrobe looks.  Stay tuned!
Thanks for continuing to follow the Fab Fam's #journeytothejourney.  If you'd like to know more about planning your family's own safari experience (or a number of other personally curated travel experiences), visit the Explorateur Journeys website.


Halloween-Themed Birthday Party (in April)

I've really got to hand it to S.  He came up with an awesome theme for his 4th birthday party this year. 

It all started around Halloween of last year.  We were planning G's birthday party at the time, and S kept referring to his "Halloween birthday."  I kept reminding him that his birthday was in April, therefore nowhere near Halloween.  Well, he kept referring to his Halloween birthday for months until I realized that he was not confused... rather, he wanted to celebrate Halloween for his birthday!

It's actually a pretty awesome idea when you think about it.  First of all, everyone loves Halloween, and the excuse to dress up for a costume party randomly in April is bound to be fun.  Second of all, things like favors don't require that much creativity (think spider rings, vampire teeth, and of course, candy).  Third, there is no shortage of inspiration for Halloween party food ideas.  Fourth, you get to make extra use of your Halloween decorations!  I got lucky because my sister does Halloween big, so I got the benefit of borrowing a ton of decorations from her to make the party even more festive.

Since the party was for four-year-olds, we decided to keep the blood and gore to a minimum.  Sawyer wanted "spooky" but not "scary" or "gross" decorations.  He decided on very traditional Halloween themes like skeletons, ghosts, bats, and jack-o-lanterns (and no severed limbs or anything like that).  But enough with the descriptions, I'll let you see the details for yourself.  You can also find more inspiration on my Halloween pinboard on Pinterest.


2016 Spring and Summer Sandals - Straps, Fringe, and Boho Fabulousness!

If you've been following me for a while, then you know how much I love JustFab.  As a VIP member, you get discounts on shoes (and purses, jewelry, and even clothes), with hot new styles being added constantly.  The low price point makes it easy to stay on trend with new styles, and the free shipping and simple return policy removes the anxiety of ordering shoes without trying them on first.  Not a member of JustFab yet?  Click here to join (disclosure: this is an affiliate link, which means I receive commission from JustFab if you sign-up using the link)!
I recently went on a little shoe shopping spree at JustFab with their recent sandal sale.  I feel all set for my spring and summer looks now!  Here's my haul. 
JustFab Essa high-heeled gladiator boots.  But seriously... these boots, though!
These complete this boho festival look with my Express off-the-shoulder romper.  Look at the way Essa's fringe moves!  The zipper in back makes them easy to get on and off, but the buckled straps allow you to fit them to the curves of your legs.

I needed a neutral-colored sandal, and am loving the spring/summer 2016 lace-up look.  Enter JustFab Veritee flat sandals to complete my neutral and warm-toned spring and summer casual looks.

I wear a lot of black, so I needed a good pair of versatile black sandals.  JustFab Torana has the of-the-moment lace-up detail, but in a very minimalist style that will go with anything, from dresses to denim. 


The minimalist Torana is both comfortable and versatile.

All set for my spring and summer casual styles with these sandals!  Click here to become a JustFab VIP member yourself (disclosure: this is an affiliate link, which means I receive commission from JustFab if you sign-up using the link)!


Travel Tuesday: A Weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico

It's been two weeks since we spent a fabulous weekend in Puerto Rico with family to celebrate my sister's 50th birthday, and I miss it so much.  I find myself longing for the serenade of the coqui in the evenings, the sight of the smiles on the faces of my family, the cool feeling of the crystal blue water on my skin, and of course, the taste of the food.  Though, gratefully, I am pacified knowing that I will be back again and again over the years ahead. 
My little brood only got to spend a long weekend there this time, but we managed to fit quite a bit in!  Here is a recap of our weekend in Puerto Rico.
My little traveling tots were more than ready for the adventure ahead

Oh, the places you'll go...

My sister booked a fabulous mountain home with a beach view on HomeAway in Bayamon (only $100 a night!).  I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a secluded respite with all the comforts of a home, while still being within traveling distance from the airport and San Juan city.  Renting a car is recommended if you stay outside of town. 

The view from the terrace of the rental home in Bayamon

The property had amazing foliage, including banana trees
The sunrise over San Juan

Saturday - Viejo San Juan
When the boys heard there were old forts to explore, they couldn't wait to see San Cristobal and El Morro.  We spent Saturday morning exploring the history and scenery of Old San Juan.  Fortunately we were there during National Park Week and could enter El Morro for free!

My little curly top peering out into the Caribbean blue

Family gathered together to celebrate #LinasBig50

San Cristobal


With my two oldest sisters posing at iconic San Cristobal

My cousin Wil captured some beautiful photos of the city. Thanks for sharing with me, prima!


G taking a rest while walking between the forts to admire the ocean view

El Morro

 Cousins having fun at the fort


An interior view of El Morro



When you walk nearly four miles before lunch, you pass out on the table before your food even arrives!

Sunday - La Playa
On Sunday morning we drove to Fajardo and climbed aboard a few of our family's boats for a day of fun in the sun.  After checking out a few small islands as options, we opted for Cayo Icacos, where we spent the entire day in the sand or the water.


Cool cousins

Two out of my three cool dudes...

...and my third cool dude!

The water at Cayo Icacos was a surreal shade of blue

Do I look like the female version of Daniel Craig in this photo?  The beach soon filled with boats and other beach-goers

With my big sis, soaking it up!

Mi amor!
The weekend went by far too quickly, but it just means we will have to go back soon.  Thanks so much to my wonderful family in Puerto Rico for being such gracious and fun hosts, and thanks to everyone else who made the journey and added to the experience.