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Safari Fashion: DIY Layered Jute Bangle Bracelets

As I shared in my safari fashion post earlier this week, one of the things I love about planning for a trip is planning the trip wardrobe.  We are beyond excited about our upcoming safari experience in Kenya with Explorateur Journeys, and planning / shopping for the Fab Fam's safari style helps me temper my patience while I countdown to the trip. 

I started planning for the wardrobe by making a safari fashion board on Pinterest.  As part of my overall look, I fell in love with these Donna Karan Urban Zen boho bracelets that I saw on Pinterest:


The problem was that I couldn't seem to find where to purchase them.  Though even if I had, they surely wouldn't have been cheap.  I figured that I could probably make something similar as a DIY project to get a stacked, boho-style bangle bracelet look.  I am very pleased with the results!

These were so easy to make!  Here are the instructions for how I made them:

I started by purchasing sets of plain wooden bangle bracelets (in three different widths) from Neli Studio on Etsy. They shipped from Poland, but arrived quickly and in great condition.  Then I purchased three different colors of narrow-gage jute thread from Michael's.  I went for a cream color, a light beige, and a darker brown. 
I had enough bracelets that I could have some in single, solid colors, and some with various patterns of multiple twine colors, like this: 

It was really easy to do.  I started with tying one color onto the wooden bangle with the knot and loose end on the inside of the bangle.  While still on the roll of twine, I wrapped the thread around the bracelet multiple times (threading the whole roll through the bracelet), being careful to keep a single layer of twine, and not overlapping. 

To add a second color, I would follow the same instructions for the way I began and tied a second color of twine to the bangle in the place I wanted the second color to start.  I kept the first roll of twine attached (so that I wouldn't have to keep measuring, cutting, and tying), and just rolled the second color over the strand for a while until I was ready to switch back to the other color.

Periodically you need to pull the twine tight, and push the loops together. This ensures that there are no gaps that would reveal the wood on the bracelet. 
When I got all the way around, I tied the loose end to the excess twine from the first knot that I started with.  After pulling the knot as tightly as I could, I cut it close to the bracelet so that it could barely be seen.  Plus, since this is done on the inside of the bracelet, it won't matter if you can see the knot or loose ends a little.

I experimented with several different patterns of colors and amount of each color on the bracelets.  Here are all of the bracelets I made (as you can see, I did several as just a single color):

I think it turned out to be pretty sweet!  The jute colors will go really well with the overall color palette of my planned safari wardrobe.  With so many bracelets in different sizes and color patterns, I can also mix and match them in a number of different ways throughout the trip. 

This was an overall easy and budget-friendly DIY fashion project.  In addition to safari style, these bracelets are great for any spring or summer boho fab or boho chic accessories looks. 

Keep following for more safari style for the whole Fab Fam, along with other travel preparations in our #journeytothejourney!


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