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Easy Home Decor Update: Incorporating Gold Accents with Our Gray, Black, and White Color Scheme

You don't have to re-do the entire room (or spend a fortune) to update your living room décor.  I tend to evolve my décor over time by changing out different pieces or incorporating different accent colors.  See last year's living room update here, and read on to see what we did recently to refresh our living room.
I have been seeing a lot of gold accents on décor blogs lately.  My preferred aesthetic (and décor color scheme) includes a lot of gray, black, and white.  I would have been skeptical to try and add gold to this if I hadn't found some lovely combos of gold, gray, and black on Pinterest and Instagram.  So with my new-found confidence that these colors could work together, off to At Home I went to get started. 
I love At Home, and am so lucky to have a few nearby!  They have a huge selection of reasonably priced accent pieces (as well as furniture, outdoor décor, and rugs at prices that would shock you).  I was not disappointed, and picked up a few gold vases and sculptures to add to the mantel, built-in bookshelves, and side table. 

Next, I went to my other home décor staple, Ikea.  I got really lucky, and found that they now carry gold versions of the Virserum frames.  These are the same exact frames I already had for the wall art in my living room, so I just swapped three of the six frames I had out for the gold versions.  No need to change art, just frames (see how I did the easy DIY Crate & Barrel knock-off art pieces here).  I kept the black Virserum frames for the other three framed pieces so that I could maintain a mix (and not have it look like Goldmember was my interior decorator). 

I came across this gold bull figurine at Target (my Longhorn hubby approved), and added it in with the other little figurines I have on my built-in bookshelves:

I already had this white vase (also from At Home), so as you can see I really just swapped or added a few things for some gold alternatives:

This was a pretty quick, easy, and cheap update overall, but feels nice and different!  Don't be afraid to give it a try yourself.

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