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Friday Faves: Ditto Endless Eyewear

For New Years I resolve to never be without fabulous, designer sunglasses.  That's a guaranteed check for the resolutions list now that I am a Ditto member!
If you haven't heard about Ditto yet, basically it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.  For $24 a month, you "rent" a pair of designer sunglasses that you can swap out as often as you want.  They even include a pre-paid shipping label for you to send your old pair back after your new swapped pair arrives.  I have been using it for a few months now and have already enjoyed fab pairs by Prada (my current lovelies... see the pics below), Dolce & Gabbana and Karen Walker. 
The reason that I love Ditto so much is the value you get for the price, combined with the ability to change to new styles as much as you want.  Let's do the math for a second.  $24 a month equals $288 a year.  Even if you save up to buy one pair of designer sunglasses a year, you will still spend between $350 and $500 for the pair.  With Ditto, I am now paying $288 total for the year, and can have a new pair every month (or even more frequently) if I want to.  You just can't beat it!
Now, I know that the thing about sunglasses is that it's tough to order them online without seeing what they look like on your face first.  Well, Ditto has that figured out too: when you create your account, you film a short video so you can get a full face rotation, left to right.  Then you take a photo of your face with a standard credit or ID card-sized object so that Ditto can size your "trial" face in your account properly compared to the glasses.  Now whenever I am browsing sunglasses on the Ditto site, I can "try on" any pair and see them on my face from all angles.  Here are some screen-shots to show you:
Cool, right?  I am so digging Ditto.
Here is my latest pair. I am seriously in love with these Pradas and may hold onto them for a while:
If you are interested in trying out Ditto for yourself, be sure to Google for a coupon code first, as I frequently see offers to get your first month for free.
Ditto is so up my alley... definitely helping me to stay fab everyday without shelling out the price for new designer sunglasses throughout the year. 


sarah said...

Do they give options to buy them outright? Cause I would seriously need to buy those prada ones. They're amazing!!

ramonaruby said...

They do, Sarah! You can buy instead of rent, or buy a pair that you are renting. I am in love with the Prada ones!