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2016 Fab Everyday Travel Plans

2015 was a great travel year for the Fab Fam... but I am thrilled to say that 2016 will be even better!  We have lots of exciting adventures planned already, and who knows what other adventures will present themselves as the year goes on!

On the work-front, I have several solo trips planned for the next few months, including San Francisco, Denver, Tampa, and Boston. 

Where things get really interesting this year are the family trips.  We have another epic road trip planned in March (through the south to Orlando and Savannah, and back through Tennessee and Arkansas), family trips to Puerto Rico in April and Oregon in August, plus our boys' first big international adventure: a safari experience in Kenya!

The boys have done really well on (and loved) the road trips and other domestic trips they have taken with us.  As we had always hoped would happen, they have been getting really engaged in the trips my husband and I have taken without them.  I am proud that they can recognize photos of Machu Picchu and can properly pronounce "Istanbul."  Now that they are to the point where they are not only excited to go along, but are also a lot more self-sufficient (they will be aged 6 and 4 by our Kenya trip), we feel that we (my husband and I) are ready to embark on a big adventure with them.   

At first we considered something lower-key, like Europe.  Then I found out about a company called Explorateur Journeys that creates custom-travel experiences at accessible rates.  When I started working with Gabriella I realized that we could "go big" and cross a major item off our family travel bucket list for much less in cost than I had seen in previous research on safaris.  Explorateur Journeys can really customize your experience to your needs (ours including a trip that was safe, fun, and convenient for young kids), and they provided several really cool options with our budget in mind. 

While I know it's an aggressive undertaking (what with the 24-28 hours of travel time to get there), the more we thought about what a trip to Kenya could offer our family, we decided that we had to jump on this opportunity.  What a way to break our kids into international travel and start showing them the world!  Not only would they love getting to see some of their favorite animals in the wild, but they would also get to see how different life and culture can be in other parts of the world.  Experiencing different value systems and ways of life is the best type of education.  We hope that this trip will ignite a life-long love of travel for the two of them.

Bonus: on the way to Kenya we have a 10-hour layover in Amsterdam, so we hope to squeeze in the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House while we are there!

We have lots to prepare for this trip (including a safari wardrobe for a family of four, naturally), so stay tuned for much more on the journey to the journey.  Don't forget to follow @fabeverydayblog on Instragram for in-the-moment behind-the-scenes planning.


Erin Hutton said...

What a wonderful family trip that will be! Your trip will surely be unforgettable for both you and your kids!

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