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Product Review: The Keepsake Kitchen Diary DIY Cookbook

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product for review purposes.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.  I was not financially compensated for this post.

Holidays to me are synonymous with both family and food.  Every year I look forward to the chance to have Granddaddy's clam dip, Aunt Alicia's cornbread dressing, Dad's Puerto Rican feast, and a warm batch of GG's pumpkin bread.  Not only are these cherished recipes that I have been collecting over the years to pass down to my sons, but the cooking and eating of these dishes contain so much history.  As my Lily & Val Keepsake Kitchen Diary itself says, "the fondest memories are made when gathered around the table."

This holiday season was the perfect opportunity for me to sit with family members and capture not only the recipes themselves, but also the memories (and special "secret" notes) surrounding them.  And the Keepsake Kitchen Diary was the perfect way to capture both. 

The Keepsake Kitchen Diary by Lily & Val is a pretty, DIY cookbook where you become the cookbook author.  Not only can you record recipes, but you can also write down memories and the occasions the dish was served. 
In addition to the page dedicated to the recipe, the next page is for writing down the story behind the recipe or when it is usually served.  There are also helpful cooking/baking measurements and conversions and other tools and tricks artfully illustrated inside the spiral-bound cookbook. 

The first step was for me to round up the recipes.  Family members sent me some in advance, or brought me recipe cards that I could attach right inside the cookbook.  As I said above, the holidays provided an ideal opportunity to get some of the cooking tips and memories directly from other family members.  Even though my boys may not have had the chance to meet their great-great-grandmother, they will have information on how to make her pumpkin bread just right!

As you can see, the pages allow room and blank fields for hand-writing in recipes and including notes.  You can also attach recipe cards in them (I recommend using acid-free adhesive and pens for archival quality).

I also decided to include some photos of the dishes, or of the family with them when I had the opportunity.

The book includes some pockets to store extra memories as well.

Another fun addition is the tear-out recipe cards in the back.  What a handy way to share copies of some of the favorite recipes with other family members who request them!

Click here to get your own copy... either for yourself, or as a special birthday, Valentine's, or Mother's Day gift!  I know I am already cherishing the opportunity to create this special cookbook to pass down as an heirloom. 

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Papi Cruz said...

Great idea combining great food with great memories. What could be greater?