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Friday Faves: Dalan d'Olive Olive Oil Conditioner

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive commission if you make a purchase using the link.

When we were on Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage, they had the most fabulous conditioner for us in our en-suite bathrooms: Dalan d'Olive 100% pure olive oil conditioner.  We loved it so much that we immediately stocked up from Amazon when we got home. 

We totally stocked up after we got back to the states!
OK, so you're probably wondering what's so great about the conditioner.  Well, first, it is a great shower conditioner.  Our hair felt protected, conditioned and moisturized during our entire trip, despite being in and out of the saltwater and sun all day everyday for a week.

We were in and out of the water so much on MDFV that it was pointless to blow-out and straighten my hair, but I did want to protect it from the sun and saltwater

But it's not just that... the reason we needed to keep this conditioner in our life is how well it also works as a leave-in conditioner.  Both my husband and I used this pretty much as our sole hair product during the trip.  We would work a small bit (it goes a long way) through our wet hair, and it would act like a pomade for my husband, and like a mousse for me (though without the crunch and stick).  My hair is naturally curly, and since we were in the water so much during the trip, I didn't have much of a reason to dry and straighten it.  As a result, I just had to let the curls go free.  In the pictures below you can see how teased the curls look, but without frizz, from just this conditioner alone (no additional hair product):

With my wild and crazy curls in Rodos, Greece

Going all-natural with my hair in Cappadocia, Turkey

Since returning home, I haven't been wearing my hair curly, so am just using it as a conditioner.  My hair has responded really well with this conditioner even now that I am back on my drying and heat processing routine.  My husband is still using it on his hair as a leave-in conditioner, and loves it.  We have even been using it on our boys' curly tresses, and it has worked really well for enhancing curl while also taming the frizz from our humid Central Texas weather.

How ridiculous are the curls on these two goofball cuties?!

If you are looking for a new conditioner to try, I recommend checking out Dalan d'Olive (you can find it on Amazon here).  It's not super cheap, but you won't be disappointed!  Thanks to Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage for introducing this to us! 

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